- Yes on 8, a Project of California Renewal et al v. Bowen et al

Filing 3

PRO HAC VICE APPLICATION and PROPOSED ORDER submitted by - Yes on 8, a Project of California Renewal, National Organization for Marriage California - Yes on 8, Sponsored by National Organization for Marriage for attorney James Bopp, Jr. to appear Pro Hac Vice. (Chandler, Timothy)

Download PDF - Yes on 8, a Project of California Renewal et al v. Bowen et al Doc. 3 DISTRICT COURT UNITED STATES EASTERN DISTRICT CALIFORNIA OF APPLICATION, P R OHACVICE AND E C FREGISTRATION CONSENT T O ELECTRONIC SERVICE, P R O P O S EORDER D P r o t e c t M a r r i a g e . c o al., et m , Plaintiff(s), C a s eNo. Debra Brown, al., et Defendant(s). l, attorney for James Bopp, Jr. Protect M Plaintiffs Orqanization bv for California Yeson 8. Sponsored National National Orqanization Marriaoe f o r Marriaqe petition admission practice HacViceunder provision LocalRule Pro the of hereby for to Service detailed as and to and 8 3 - 1 8 0 ( b X 2 ) .understand consent ECFRegistration Electronic I payment theamount $180.00 theClerk, Court. in of to U.S.District b e l o w I have and submitted I of that: I n support thispetition,stateunderpenalty perjury of is: M y business address F i r mName: Address: B o p pColeson Bostrom & 1 S. SixthStreet City: State: V o i c ePhone: F A XPhone: Internet E-mail: Additional E-mail: I reside City: in T e r r eHaute lndiana Z I P Code: 47807 812 /R1?\ 'q4_?Ae4 T e r r eHaute S t a t e : Indiana I wasadmitted practice the to in on 10, October '1973 Supreme Courtof Indiana (court) (date).I am presently goodstanding in and jn e l i g i b l e practice saidcourt. I am notcurrently to in suspended disbarred anyothercourt. or I haveEl / havenot D concurrently within yearpreceding application or the this made a prohacviceapplication thiscourt. (lf youhavemadea prohacviceapplication this to to c o u r twithin lastyear,listthe nameandcasenumber eachmatter whichan the of in a p p l i c a t i o n made, dateof application whether was the granted denied.) and or (Althouoh pro C a lPro-Life Council, v. Randoloh. Inc. Case 2:00-cv-01698-FCD-GGH. No. mv h a cviceapplicationthrs in case wasmade 2000. caseis onqoinq lwishto bring in the and this t o the Court attention). s I hereby designate following the member the Barof thisCourtwhois registered of for E C Fwithwhomthe Courtandopposing counsel mayreadily communicate regarding the c o n d u cof the caseand uponwhomelectronic t notice shallalsobe served the court's via ECF system: Name: Timothy Chandler D. F i r mName: Alliance Defense Fund Address: 101 Parkshore Drive, Suite100 City: State: Folsom CA Z I PCode: 95630 Voice Phone: (916) 932-2850 F A XPhone: (9'16) 932-2851 E-mail: ^ \ D a t e d :Januarv 2009 7. Petitioner: ORDER )a,*(almf I \ I T IS SO ORDERED. Dated: J U D G EU.S.DISTRICT , COURT TO SERVICE AND ECFREGISTRATION CONSENT ELECTRONIC District of filedandpending the Eastern in B e g i n n i nJanuary 2005, cases g 3, all procedures (ECF) casestorage to electronic filing, service andelectronic C a l i f o r n iaresubject a ( C M ) .Thisformshallbe usedto register accounts the Court's for on Electronic CaseFile(ECF) filing. whichpermits electronic system Form,I Pro B y submitting Petition Appear HacViceandECFRegistration this to understand: Court for in herejn for ECFuseonlyin casesproceeding the U.S.District is 1. Registration t h e Eastern District California. of pro District hacvicemust whois wishes appear the Eastern to in 2. Eachattorney password issued the court by Registration Form.An attorney's c o m p l e t e signan Attorney and (login), the serves andconstitutes attorney as with identification c o m b i n e d the attorney's issued by the must and Therefore, attorney/participant protect secure password an signature. in has to the t h e couft.lf thereis anyreason suspect password beencompromised anyway, it to of withauthority usethe password, is the s u c has resignation reassignment the person or will Thecourt to immediately notify court. the of d u t yandresponsibilitythe attorney/participant filingsystem andissuea newpassword. the fromtheelectronic i m m e d i a t e delete password ly (seebelow) as to registration a Filing an expressly declines consent 3. Unless attorney (1) of to service electronically waiver the rightto receive and U s e rconstitutes: consent receive (2) to Ruleof CivilProcedure 5(b)(2)(D); consent s e r v i c e firstclassmailpursuant Federal by to to by service firstclassmail or and of e l e c t r o n iservice waiver the right service personal c and p u r s u a n t Federal Note:Service Summons of Procedure 5(b)(2)(D). to Rule Civil of by 4 to Ruleof CivilProcedure arenot encompassed C o m p l a i npursuant Federal t to of and by electronic service. Waiver service notice firstclassmailapplies notice the entry of of means complete is upontransmission the o f an orderor judgment. Service electronic by N o t i c e Electronic of Filing. the via lnternet or through Public site 4. A useraccesses courtinformation the court's ("PACER") involvesa separate, Center. PAGER A c c e s s CourtElectronic to Records Service filing, electronic all for the the f r e e registration.Although courtmanages procedures electronic public in A loginis required, occurs through PACER. PACER access casefiledocuments to the for a issued thecourt. register PACER, usermustcomplete by To to, a d d i t i o n the password website on formor submit registration available thePACER a form, online ( procedures electronic whichcontrol I understand the specific that 5. By thisregistration, Manual, of which be accessed all can Rules CM/ECF and User's f i l i n g befound theLocal can in periodically to in these Rules Manual order and website. Please access o n theCourt's whichmaybe laterimplemented. filingrequirements, anychanges and u n d e r s t a nelectronic d of in may failure abideby thoseprocedures result a termination to Serious and/or sustained privileges prerequisite practice the Eastern District. to in whicharea e l e c t r o n ifiling c foregoconsenting N o t i c e Regarding Non-Consentto Electronic Service. An attorneymay expressly to by servicepursuant FederalRule of CivilProcedure t o serviceand receiptof filed documents electronic to documentin writingaddressed the Office 5 ( b X 2 X D ) .This decisionnot to consentmust be by separate in the other methodsspecified servicemustserveby to o f the Clerk. Partiesnot consenting electronic R u l e5 . try consentto serveand receiveserviceof filed documents T h e courtstronglyurgesthat all attorneys participation lo downside such consentand universal m e a n sof electronic service. Thereis no significant i n electronic servicewill benefitall concerned.Failureto consent to electronic service does not r e l i e v e attorneys of the obligation to file documents electronicallywhen required to do so or o t h e r w i s e abide by CM/ECFprocedures.