Perry et al v. Schwarzenegger et al

Filing 746

Transcript Designation and Ordering Form for proceedings held on 5/22/2009 - 6/16/2010 before Judge Walker, re 713 Notice of Appeal, Transcript due by 9/3/2010. (Cooper, Charles) (Filed on 9/2/2010)

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United States District Court Northern District of California Transcript Designation and Ordering Form U .S . Court of Appeals Case No. 10-16696 S h o r t Case Title Perry v. Schwarzenegger D a t e Notice of Appeal Filed by Clerk of District Court 08/04/10 S E C T IO N A - To be com p le te d by party ordering transcript. HEARING DATE C O U R T REPORTER H E A R I N G TYPE Reset Form U .S . District Court Case No. 3:09-cv-02292-VRW ( a tt a c h additional page for designations if necessary) I do not intend to designate any portion of the transcript and will notify all counsel of this intention. A s retained counsel (or litigant proceeding in pro per), I request a copy of the transcript and guarantee paym e n t to th e reporter of the cost thereof upon dem a n d . I further agree to pay for work done prior to cancellation of this o rd e r. As appointed counsel I certify that an appropriate order authorizing preparation of the transcript at the expense of t h e United States has been, or within 5 days hereof, will be, obtained and delivered to the reporter. I agree to r e c o m m e n d paym e n t for work done prior to cancellation of this order. Name, Address and Telephone number of Attorney/Pro Per Litigant Date Transcript Ordered Charles J. Cooper 1523 New Hampshire Ave. NW Washington, D.C. 20036 202-220-9600 s/ Charles J. Cooper Signature Attorney/Pro Per Litigant T h is form is divided into five parts. It should be used to c o m p ly with the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure and t h e Local Rules of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth C ir c u it regarding the designation and ordering of court r e p o r te r 's transcripts. Please note the specific instructions below. If there are further q u e s tio n s , contact the District Court Clerk's Office in which yo u r case was filed: San Francisco (415) 522-2000; S a n Jose (408) 535-5363; or Oakland (510) 637-3530. S P E C IF IC INSTRUCTIONS FOR ATTORNEYS ( 1 ) Pick up form from district court clerk's office when filing the notice of appeal or download an interactive version of form f r o m ( 2 ) Com p le te Section A, place additional designations on blank paper if needed. ( 3 ) Send Copy 1 to District Court. ( 4 ) Send Copy 4 to opposing counsel. Make additional photocopies if necessary. ( 5 ) Send Copies 2 and 3 to court reporter(s). Contact court reporter(s) to m a k e further arrangem e n t s for paym e n t . ( 6 ) Continue to m o n ito r progress of transcript preparation. COPY ONE