Gallion v. Apple, Inc

Filing 14

ADR Certification (ADR L.R. 3-5 b) of discussion of ADR options (Kralowec, Kimberly) (Filed on 6/29/2010)

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COURT DISTRICT STATES UNITED CALIFORNIA OF DISTRICT NORTHERN Gallion, C a s e N o . 3rl0{1/-01610-RS Plaintif($, BY ADRCERTIFICATIOH FART]ES A N DCOIJNSEL v. A 1 p l e , Inc. psfgn_dsnr(s). I pursuanrto Civil L.R. 16-S(b)and ADR L.E* 3-5 (b), each of the undersignedcertifies that he or shehas: oollispute Relplution Frntedures in the Narthern Disnrict (l) Resd the handbook entitled the Csurt's ADR Intemet eitewww.adr-c44dllgpqurtg.ggv (Limited printed af Cali{ornia" on iopiesare *vailable,fyom the clerk's ffice for partiesin u$$&\ttfiIsuhie* to the court's ElectronicCase Filing progrurm (ECF) under General Order 45); (2) Discussedthe avnilable disputeresolutionoptionsprovidd by the Court and private entities;and I mightbenefitfrom anyof the av*ilabledtspute whetherthis cs.ce tgl Considered tfu/* Evententitl*d hs in this n filing document ECF,please sureto usethe ADHDocket Options." of (ADHL.R.3-5h)of Discussion ADF| A D RCeflification F l e v .1905