Huon v. Breaking Media et al

Filing 17

EXHIBIT by Plaintiff Meanith Huon Exhibit P2 regarding amended complaint 12 (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit P2)(Huon, Meanith)

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Policedescribeevidenceformdin defendant's homeI huon,victim, alleged- Local News -... PageI of , Anlmn€ rcan c€l -at .t:r :i .r r :r - \l r t,:i , i , l!:Lr;rrf -i:i:ril rtl-' .rri.r; $t H (j i.riii.i irjldl Lltt:ex:l; :$'. r:;i Ji.. :rl!,lrrr ?&w.i_ri,si ,.,: OETEIVAIL &M OBIL EAL ER TS I SU BSC R IBEONLINE 85' Home News Ob its Sports DON'TMISS: TATTOOCONTEST I Entertainment Area Photos Opi ni ons Info C enter A bout U s Special Sections n FACEBOOIVTWTTEN I I Soatt,| lHdograph Home'LocalNews Jobs Story E-Mair I Font tJ LdId K Story Si* | mharerhisI Print Police deecribeevldencefound In defiendanfc home Bethe flrst of your friendsto recommend this. Recommend ConnnenlsF May05,20107:47PM Th€Tslograph . EOWARDSVILLE A d6t€di\,3 testiti€d W€dnorday hotr ho and cfher ofiicers lracked down serud *sault sucpoci Meanith Huon by tracing a call th€ all6g€d victim made io hig cell phon6. Share ]mW inffi# l tweet SIAHTYOU IIEDI0ITGAR . TOIIAY! . Ar.lar.fa J|f ffi|nt r0rntirbG . ffcf.shtr lorotmlhil Recomm€ndations Woman charged with ',m harassment through Facebook 55 prcple recommend thrs. D,'rt Family rcports Jerseyville man missing 454 people recommend this. CAIC lrl lt'l' '!\\ . Itrstm ril Carrcllton boy, 8, granted wish to visit Hawaii recommend 3.1DeoDle thrs. Tho Sh€riFs DopartmentobtEinadccll pftone coodinates ftorn lhs csll phons company recods, and fmm thos€ ohain€d ths namo and addrr$ dth€ own€r. Thc Chicago Polico Depertryrent thon put the home undGr sundllance and obtained lho mme lrsanith Huon fiom I pad(ag€ &liwr€d to his door. Classifieds Neob Huon, 40, a Chicago la\iryer,is on kial in Madison County Circuit Court, where h6 fes two counts €f cdminal ssxual asseult. Thc trid bGganTucsdsy. Sgt. Dave Vucic$ ofth€ Madbon County Shedfrs D€partment laid ho obtdned tho phone number from ths victim, who said shs had call€d him to sat up a iob intsMeur. Real €stale vida$, phdo8, sf ADVERTISEMENT n0o v BySANFORD SCHMIDT J. Autos turrbier, n ,iii ofT€ahlolo!ff ADVERTISEMENT Facebook sfrial plugir Most Viewed Stories The Sherifr Departmentthsn ot[ain€d a s€anh wanant and went to the homa, along with 8€irsralothsr officers, and da6d Huon underenest. Vucich seid that, whil€ conduciing a seerch of lhc Chicago homo, he dialsd th€ cdl phone numbcr and head a b'rzing sound corningfrom a doset. H6 rfferil to thc closct end tound ths phonr, thc allcgld Mciim'o purse, her sho€s and sorE penond c{iects. Barn fire in Edwardsvillekills four horses New search Saturdayfor missingman gets dropbox mail Olin Building for Campaims to instill discipline teens in JU LY 9.T7 I JE R S Y V TLLE , IL ffi Ricky Goorge The women hEdt€€iifiGdthat she l€fi the itefis in Huon's car the night of the all6g6d ssault in late June 2008. D€&n6a attomsys continued Tu€sdgy and l bdncaday to quBtion witns$os aboul whd th6y cdl "gladng inconsistencics' be$reen the all€g€d vic{im'stestimony and srhal shetold police. Attom€ys Mictta€l J. Mcltes end N. Scotl Roscnblum qu€ctionedthe woman and police about wh€lher ohe wB comdcddy truthful about how much she had b ddnk that night. They also quizzed her about the fud that sh6 spent Bomefve houF with the defsndanl in various bar! during what was 8dd to be aFb intervi€f,rard other d€dailsthat cont.$bd witft police reports orwcre nd mcnlioned. Most Commented Stories **;i riiir,rsr Unemploymentrises to 9.2 perceni as hiringstalls The Telegraph Like 5,084 peoplelike Th€ Tedegr'ph. Olin Buildinggets dropboxfor mail New search Saturdayfor missing man Good performancemeans no money for middle school LettersTo The Editor July 10, 2011 -HS ETd#E Ro€anblumcharactedzedthe encounteras "a thomugh night of ber-ho$ing"" h@// I -victim-alleged.htnl 983 7/tu20t *orterlt €rd b€ca$e 6tte ne€d;t;;;" - -*- The Telegraph NewsroomFeed Mdss sdd in hb opening dal€|n6nt thd the 6||count6r ws ncomensualsex.' He deirned lhat tfte e\6nt b€came sodd In rdrl€, ard the dl€oed vidim tied b odott mon€y fmm hi3 dhnt. _; ;;5, Fle tdd jurors thd the xornan td6d to €|dod lsm frcfir Huon, but he t€ilt|sed,and she 6cd the wa! gping to to "cty rap€P g€t back at tim. abul ,I, Thcmman fimlydcnitd h.t/ing oon$nt€dtoss)(rd adiw rrd bmkc doivn ctying bo{h duting diFct t$limony ard dudng a bngthycrobeo€nfnatiofl Tu6day afiernoon. il t hourago reply Eto@t.favofre Alton takes No. 1 seod into altonteleoraDh Oi"tria ZZ r.iodh Divisionplayoffs httpl/ 3 houB ago . r6ply Tho dd6ng6 ettomcys abo quGtion d tho woman's daim lhd her cs[ phme ran out of power <lurlngthe nigm TlFy ddm 3h6 mdc thst up to exddn ar,ay tho fact that shc ncr/3r cellcd for l|dp until €ftor 3he jumpad od cf Huonb oar nsar Ncw Dqlglas. rekt favome #Alton probationaryofiicer altontelegraph gsts lllinois State Police award httpJit.cofltHkFbw 3 houE ago . reply Tho vidim, 2E, bmerly d Cadinvillc, dairn€d sho w"s sorually a$aultod while in a ear bdng ddwn by Huon up Int rsta0e55 bdtrcon Sal{ct ad S:bunbn in ld6 Juno 2008. Shc sCd $e m€t Huon in hop€! of gpiting wok a a npre*niatir€ in don4rb\fln St. louis. attontelegmphRT @Fred-PollardToday is officially"Beatle Day'! - Freditorials- The TelegEph http://t.m/4AiwDeb eket . f4odte altontelegraphOigitalizsddacsdes: Old Shuftleff College yearbooksars online http/L@/T2U5qJA 3 hours4o- reply retueetf.vodl€ in a Functional aampdgn tor a lmrn altontelegraph Area nurse helps dental patidntsin #Haiti Th6 dleg€d vicfim tcdficd that rhc oftcn uorks in pomotions for$ productB,3ucfi as sd ddnb gld cdl ghon€s. Shc obtdns the pbo by uring tha Crdda Lbt w€bcita, and shc tlipond.d io I cdl tlt Gc.irrld from sorftmc who call€d him3df "John" bti lebr tumad out to bc lluon. 3 hourc ago reply r6Met hwit€ cynthiamsllisBeen a long day, but I got a lot dona :) lt's back to work 2moro, but I'm lookingfoMard to the work week Shc laid shc mct Huon at a b€rin doffiiown St. Louisto dFqr3a aFb, butthoy mdad up going to s.r,rrd bsr! and having ddnk. l{uon oderud ffd paid torthc dfinks, the dl€gEd viciim !eid. Join the conversation He riilsad thr tum of l-55 at SaW6t and roon beg€n to gropc her, shr Baid.Flir denr€8nordlaryed ttofil tlondy to &manding, th3 vidim sdd. LocalBusinessDirectory Ewntrdly, hc p.rbrmad wh€ilihc bny.|s c.ll 'digihl pcmtralion'on her and brced hof hrd into his lap, fo|dng hc. io porhm a !d ad, Crc dmod. tlJr|e: cny: lAt Featured Categories & Arts& Ent€rtainment Hotale Lodglng Auioo Beeuty& W6lln6ss Finmcial H6althcare Homelmprovement ttews'stolies Sesarchived'Locat " Adr bt Coogb L€gal Real E3tat6 Resiautant Shopdng Viil All D National videos toD r U.8.nsrs IEntrt hm6nt r r r r BU3Ft!!s Llbclylc Spodr Hcalfi EventCalendar b,U|b Dhlng lritu- Featured Events LJ. Thofira Ble Cie lilulbelw rxh Ail{d,'f,.{lcc[ona... Ln EaJooy: h!t.. L.t,. 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Ys, ihcrc ir much to bs gslned by cotttinuing to srploc rpa6, =r I it. No, the cost is too g@t. and u simply Brt.fiotd ! "- Maybc, bui not untl rc cln pay for such ire8tm€ni. ADVERTISEMENT I don'l know. For G€tAthenaPheromones llore Affectlon Eitr Add to yourFagranc+Biologist WnnifredCuter'sunscented formulas. fuocir Scorc:o m€ddladd 10:13 onMav 2010 PM 5. ReponAbuse nnd3 lika maCa .EchiDg.. thiarrfiolq ttofy hr! "drgid 9aatEtiil'7l? .ppmd lhomtho baginnhg liko I CEi$lisl .puntcf lhat tumed inlo qlortiff..and thff ot m. Rapc rd3etbn.. ComoOn Guyr.. k cp it h your penF.. esry rulad u hs dtum intotr msgons€at[ritw@nsntEl ornol. apadally if u mncy, pmr or eMhing thet m be gsinrd fiorn doing$. .. ild appllln{y ths6'3 a w way to ham ffim.. 'dhild pcnrhim' $F rhodd bc &fnad $k brirE 8 duC vi&o osm..po$ibly hf tho Wl .nd mt tor e @rt of |il.. tha & ltpuld ba stilrd .. NOTGUILTY.. a3long s lhis stupE ditl'tal p.n.mbn ir bring ur.d.. I r cvill€native 8131AMon May 6, 2010 .fl|l.ii,, ' Yd do E lizc .digihf EbE b thc fingcE, a3 in dlgits? 8:41 onM6y 2010 AtI 6, lf hcr 6ll phonc'm out ot piltrl, ftring lhr night s Jrc dsim!, hil did il dne whcn dct cliG €i.d it It ttr6ym F8rdring Humt hom? b6o0ist! 9:32AM on lrav 6. 2010|NGERA ARE DIGITS?l?l?l Oi/Glll Score.0 1tr30 onl\,rtav AM 6.2010 it w8nl h* phonr that nng whlL th.y m srching w6o$, il w hlq mud haE b..n r prlpaid phonaCn€ th.y ruldnl g.t a nsm liom th. phm. compsny.what l|i0r ln thlr wholc "rtoq/ sh. l! givingb fD hcl th|| O[r guy dU |hiu, i m wtlng ffid/or foEd hcr to do, dl f,iiL ddvlng70 MPHdwt [E ft*my? h. fiiult bc a h.d( ot I!r. or.h6 mC not hry. 6ughl lgah3t him, i [un simplyqordng l,ttr l€93muld h$o madathlngr dfidll lnough lo 'digit Syp.nrfai!" $rt th. guy rcdd hwc hrd a hardlim drivir€, lhon whfi you thw tha hndr ighlhg bed( into lha lqudbo, i rit hava lo ry rha it ! liar md shouldbc siminalt cfirrlcd, rs FI eEecd by thir hm guy. SCOre U RepodAbuse I 1:42 onMay A[4 6,2010 i lhink lhc did it .[ rulingly lo obbin | ficltlbus Jobend thln wh.n h. infom.d hs thst lh. Jobdidn'l axirt 3hr got mad end md. OrlrH9 tfinl rboul npc lo grt bsd( .t hlm. lhry 8F boli euiltyof b€hg idiol3.t thb point, h,t i thlnk In th. ud shc i3 going b bc lho Ugos irlirL i |rIM lhi3 Ir oquelto i pmlihrt hein0 conlaroual s for my end th€n cryingrrp. wirn h. doc$'l p.y.... if3 ool apc if ha &n'l p.y..... thdrlhr drl m tekG in thel t ed.. thb irl|!| rry opinbn mommy2raydon 1:47 onljav5.2010 PM thir i3loo riitidhu! Y do mn |rut EtranCa mn n 9!t n m gfiom n shouldeknN b.nsrt H. $iltd ltii b puni$.d johnbender Scoro wlth lhml $al Scor6:0 1:38A[4on May7,2010 ThcF r no viclim hcc. JGt a nm ioo bright gold digoo who$ in dn, md lh! jqy wtln|gh it Th. liofy didnt ho6 mi.r Gcda to @ Reedrelatedaltde Policedescribeevidencefound in defendant's homeI huoruvictinu alleged- Local News -... 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