Wolff v. NH Department of Corrections et al

Filing 69

Letter to Charles Wolff from Daniel Lynch re: Mr. Wolff's pleading (Attachments:, # 1 Mr. Wolff's pleading, # 2 Inmate Request Slip) (mxm)

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Case 1:06-cv-00321-PB Document 69 Filed 10/23/2007 Page 1 of 1 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT DISTRICT OF NEW HAIvIPSHIR E 55 PLEASANT STREET, ROOM 110 CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE 03301-394 1 OFFICE OF THE CLERK Telephone Starr 603-225-1423 James R . Clerk of Court New Hampshire State Prison P .O . Box 1 4 Concord, NH 03301 Attn : Charles Jay Wolff (#24322 ) Re : Wolff v . NH Department of Corrections , 06-cv-321-PB Dear Mr . Wolff: I am writing in response to your submission entitled "Motion" received October 22 , 2007 . First, because it is very difficult to read and interpret your submission, I apologize in advance if I am misconstruing your submission . Although the submission has the words "Motion" in the text, it contains no discernable relief sought from the court and, as a result, I do not construe this as a motion . Fed . R. Civ . P. 7(b)(1) . From my review of the document, it appears to be an effort to submit evidence to support your claims regarding the prison's failure to provide you with a kosher diet . Because the Office of the Clerk of Court does not serve as an evidence repository for litigants and does not accept custody of "evidence" or "discovery" on behalf of litigants, I am returning this material to you without presenting the matter to a judicial officer for review . Pursuant to Fed . It Civ. P. 5(d), evidence may be filed with the court only when filed as an exhibit to a properly filed pleading in the case or otherwise ordered by the court. Sincerely, Daniel J''L~nch Chief Deputy Clerk DJL/ enclosure