The Authors Guild et al v. Google Inc.

Filing 313

BRIEF AMICUS CURIAE OF CONSUMER WATCHDOG IN OPPOSITION TO THE PROPOSED SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT The proposed Settlement Agreement would strip rights from millions of absent class members, worldwide, in violation of national and international copyright law, for the sole benefit of Google. If, as Google claims, its "limited" search-engine activities were protected by fair use, the public deserves an adjudication on this matter, to allow the creation of a competitive book-search market. And it is up to Congress to create a solution to the orphan-works problem that would allow all potential users to benefit, while protecting the copyright holders as well as international interests. The parties simply cannot justify this "solution" which does not adequately protect the Rightsholders and unfairly benefits a single party. Accordingly, Consumer Watchdog respectfully asks that the Court not approve the settlement. (jmi)

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