Arista Records LLC et al v. Lime Wire LLC et al

Filing 45

FIRST AMENDED COMPLAINT FOR FEDERAL COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT, COMMON LAW COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT, UNFAIR COMPETITION, CONVEYANCE MADE WITH INTENT TO DEFRAUD AND UNJUST ENRICHMENT amending 1 Complaint, against M.J.G. Lime Wire Family Limited Partnership, Lime Wire LLC, Lime Group LLC, Mark Gorton, Greg Bildson. [Redacted Version]Document filed by Capitol Records, Inc., Elektra Entertainment Group, Inc., Interscope Records, Laface Records LLC, Motown Record Company, L.P., Arista Records LLC, Priority Records LLC, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, UMG Recordings, Inc., Virgin Records America, Inc., Warner Bros. Records Inc., Atlantic Recording Corporation, BMG Music. Related document: 1 Complaint, filed by Motown Record Company, L.P., Atlantic Recording Corporation, Warner Bros. Records Inc., Laface Records LLC, Elektra Entertainment Group, Inc., Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Virgin Records America, Inc., Capitol Records, Inc., Priority Records LLC, BMG Music, Interscope Records, Arista Records LLC, UMG Recordings, Inc. (jco)

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