Association For Molecular Pathology et al v. United States Patent and Trademark Office et al

Filing 14

AFFIDAVIT OF SERVICE. Roger Boyer served on 5/19/2009, answer due 7/13/2009. Service was accepted by Rachael Niusula, Assistant. Document filed by American Society For Clinical Pathology; College of American Pathologists; Association For Molecular Pathology; Haig Kazazian; Arupa Ganguly; Wendy Chung; Harry Ostrer; David Ledbetter; Stephen Warren; Ellen Matloff; Elsa Reich; Breast Cancer Action; Boston Women's Health Book Collective; American College of Medical Genetics; Lisbeth Ceriani; Runi Limary; Genae Girard; Patrice Fortune; Vicky Thomason; Kathleen Raker. (Ravicher, Daniel)

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UNl'J'ED ST<\1'E$ DISTRJCT t01JET SOUTHRRN QIS!RICT OF NEW Y'JP.K indcx No. C'; CV 4510 Association For Molecular Pathology et al v. United States Patent and Trademark Office et al ,'∑""'C∑CIFlT',',',∑","-'∑DLEC,cc",c,",,.,c.,.,,,",,,",0,,,,,"",""CC,C,,.--.---. OI,HW STII'l"ES PFlT8NT State M Ut~n Doc. 1 Pl"intlff(s) .~ND 'l'RADEMJIJ'.K OPFICE , DdendaM.(s; SS. : AfFI[}I\VIT '" SERVICE Man, );,'bir,$ b~'ng duly "'"rn, d~po~~~ ~nt1 ",~ys that ),~ is over ne age of 18 yean; h not a party to H,]," ;;lcti'Oll withen ';ne Stat~ <'f Utah. That or. 05/19/2009 a' <:10 ~M at: 20Q ~"d resi<le" PARK BUILDING 01" (lTlIM U)lr'I~RSITY SALT J,IIKE cnY (JT 84112 [}~p"n"nt 3erv~d the; SUMMONS IN A ('1\'1L AC1'JON J>ND COMPLArNT PROCEDUH/;~ lOR ELF,CTRONIC CF,~/; FILING lNDIVJDUF.[, PR1\CTIC;;S OF JUDGP HOBEHT W. ~WEET upon W,;~R BOYER, by 'Jellvering tru~ cu~ies to: R~'dla"l. Niu'ul" Assist.ant wh~ stated ,)"" they wel:~ "Jthori~ed to acc"lA service "11 behalf of: ROGEfC B()•f,K. WitLin 20 day' c(,oss pOHp"id Pi>l'~R 0[ 5uch service, d~p0n"nt ~"WJop'" prop~rly enc!o'''d ~ copy bf addre'sed to cec.irient at, sam~ in a first BOYER 209 PARK BUlLDING UTFJI UNIVEPSITY SALT J,~J'L C:I'l'Y UT 84112 and d~posited s"id envel0l'a i~ an official de~Gsitory ur,d~r the exclusive care ,oM n,stody the U.8. ~ostal S~,.vl.:e within Utah St."te. The envelop" !JQee the 1~gewl "PERSONJ>L & CC'llflDENTIAL" an,j did Qot ;ndicae Co, return a,J-J<ess or cotheI'Hoe t.hat the ~omrounication was from an ott.,∑"ney or aoncerned an acticn a'J"inst th~ Iccipie'\I;. "r '.f To one b"st 01 l".Y knowledge, based on infon""',j.on and belief, th~ said r~GiPent at the tim" of ~ervlce waCo not engd~ed in tne milltar.y ecrvice of th~ IJnited 3tH", or Utah. lleciFient wore ordinary ci.vili~n clothIng and no millt"ry uniform. "~ponent d~serlbes A(;E: 28 H~.l(;IIT: 'the 5' 1 1 ' ∑ indivl,jl<~l served a, follow~: WEIGHT: 275 HAI~: BROWN SWORN TO 8/;fORE --- ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ Notsry P"bllc: JASON JACOBSON : Com......... """'bet ~1U03 I "" ""mm'.';O~£>p1_ _"~.~"13 ;~~~,_.~.~~~ ------~--_.-. ~ITE %X. ,J>MALo; I OUll DOn 23:<~~ publlG Patent f0undaticn 55 E'lHh Ave. New l0'" NY 10002 ~t2-790-0H2 ._--~ -- - - - - S " " e 01 utah ~ ~ _ . - ~ ~ - - - ~ - - , ∑ : ∑