Windsor v. The United States Of America

Filing 24

NOTICE OF CHANGE OF ADDRESS by Melissa Goodman on behalf of Edith Schlain Windsor. New Address: NYCLU, 125 Broad St, 19th Floor, New York, NY, USA 10004, 212.607.3300. (Goodman, Melissa)

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UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK Case No.1:1 Windsor O-cv-08435-BSJ -JeF Plaintiff, -against- The United States Of America Defendant. NOTICE OF CHANGE OF ADDRESS TO: ATTORNEY SERVICES ø CLERK AND ALL OTHER PARTIES I have cases pending D I have no cases pending Pursuant to Local Rule 1.3 of this Court, please take notice of the following attorney information change (s) for: Melissa Goodman FILL IN ATTORNEY My SDNY Bar Number is:_~G-.?ll.!.~ I am, ø NAME My State Bar Number is _'±-~~'±-~~~ _ An attorney D A Government D A Pro Hac Vice attorney FIRM INFORMATION OLD FIRM: NEW FIRM: ø D Agency attorney (Include full name of firm (OLD AND NEW), address, telephone number and fax number): FIRM FIRM FIRM FIRM N AME :_f._r:!:l~i~È.!:l_ÇiyllJ-JJ:?~i!!~~1lniQ.!:l AD D RES S :_1f.~J31.Q-ª_º_~tt':!.§w YortJ:'i~ü9..9..9~ TELEPHONE NUMBER: __ 2U::5A9.:2~mL FAX NUM B ER: _ FIRM F IRM FIRM FIRM N AME: _]':J eVJ..York_Çj.Yl1Jlº!).Dlº!L A D D RE SS :_16~J31.Q-ª_º_~tt':!.§.YY...J::ºL~J_j.J::J..9..9..9_4... TELEPHONE NUMBER:_212.:.Q.Q.Z.:J3JlJL FAX NUMB ER: _~12-~Q?..:-ªlJJL _ _ _ I will continue to be counsel of record on the above-entitled I am no longer counsel of record on the above-entitled was entered on by Judge _ _ _ case at my new firm/agency. case. An order withdrawing Dated: 5/12/11 ATTORNE _ 'S SIGNAT o my appearance