The Authors Guild, Inc. et al v. Hathitrust et al

Filing 14

NOTICE OF APPEARANCE by Nelson E. Roth on behalf of Cornell University (Roth, Nelson)

AO 458 (Rev. 06/09) Appearance of Counsel UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT for the Southern District of New York __________ District of __________ ) ) ) ) ) The Authors Guild, Inc., et al. Plaintiff v. Hathitrust, et al. Defendant Case No. 11 Civ. 6351 (HB) APPEARANCE OF COUNSEL To: The clerk of court and all parties of record I am admitted or otherwise authorized to practice in this court, and I appear in this case as counsel for: . Defendant Cornell University Date: s/Nelson E. Roth 10/31/2011 Attorney’s signature Nelson E. Roth - Bar No. NR8554 Printed name and bar number Office of University Counsel Cornell University 300 CCC Building, Garden Avenue Ithaca, New York 14853-2601 Address E-mail address (607) 255-2796 Telephone number (607) 255-2794 FAX number Print Save As... Reset