The Authors Guild, Inc. et al v. Hathitrust et al

Filing 73

ENDORSED LETTER addressed to Judge Harold Baer Jr. from Edward R. Rosenthal dated 6/28/12 re: Counsel writes on behalf of the parties to request that they be permitted to serve redacted versions of their papers and to submit an unredacted set of the papers for filing under seal. The parties also request that they be permitted to serve a memorandum of law not longer than thirty pages. ENDORSEMENT: 30 pages is OK no further extensions by any party redacted and unredacted versions will be submitted. (Signed by Judge Harold Baer on 6/28/2012) (mro)

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08/28/2012 09:00 FAX 12127587954 F.K.K. & S PC F RAN K FUR T K URN I T K LEI N & S E L Z IdJ 002/002 p\. 488 Madi~on Nl'W York, New YOlk Td(lplw(\,,: rr::=============~~aOilmk: June 28,2012 BY FACS1Mll..J( (212) H05-7901 lIon, Ibwld Boer, Jr. (347) 438-2110 USDSSDNY I Edward H. R(>~(:mhal DOCUMENT II'(!,ct dml: (.112) 826-5S24 ELECTRONICALLY FILED l~il; Cfu~crlth"l@fld{s.cOI1) (t DOC#: ____-r~__~~ DATE FILED: United State·s Dbtrict Judge DCLlr Judge Ba!..~I': \h: (If rcpres~nl Ihe Plail1tifTl> in the ab()v,~.C