White et al v. West Publishing Corporation et al

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COMPLAINT against Reed Elsevier Inc., West Publishing Corporation. (Filing Fee $ 350.00, Receipt Number 1030502)Document filed by Edward L. White, Edward L. White, P.C., Kenneth Elan.(mro) (Additional attachment(s) added on 2/23/2012: # 1 Ex. A Part 1, # 2 Ex. A Part 2, # 3 Ex. A Part 3, # 4 Ex. A Part 4) (ama).

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United States Certificate of Registration 'This Cert ificate issued nndcr thc seal of thc Copyright OfEce in with lille 17, United States Code, attests that regislration has becn made for thc work identified below, The information on this certificate has been made a part of the Copyright OOice records Registration N limber TX 7-417-300 date of registl'atioll: Register of Copyrights, United States of America May 21, 2010 Title Title of Work: PlaintifTs' Motion In Limine Completion I Publication Yelll' of Completion: Date of 1st Publication: 20 I 0 March 15,201 0 Nation of 1st Publication: United States Author • Author: Author Created: .Workmade for hiJ'e: Citizen of: Edward L. White, P,C. text, compilation, editing Yes lJnitedStates Domiciled in: UnitecLStates 'C:()pyrighlclaimant Copyright Claimant: Edward L White,P,C. 9301Ceclar Lake Ave., Suite 200, Oklahoma City, OK, 73114, Udited Stites ·l..irnitati()nofcopyright claim Th;Il (hi'te,1 St;'''OrA'll''''" ,..,....._- 16 __ 07 r ...... NOT WRITE ABOVE THIS UNE.IF YOU NEED MORE SPACE, USE ASEPARATECONTINlJAlION SHEET. 1 TInE OF TIllS WORK T fiainnrrs' Motion for Class CcrliiitauoD.· Cbaswiu PREVIOUS OR ALTERNATIVE TITLES T N/A PUBUCATION AS A CONTRIBUTION If IhJ> work was published as a contnlJUlion to a periodical, SL'Tial, or collection, give lnfommlion about the Title of Collective Work T collective work in which !he contnoulion nppenn.-d. N/A Ii published in a periodical or serial give; VolumeT wutO,kT NumberT DATES OF BIRTH AND DEATH Year Bom T . YearDied T NAME OF AurnOR T a OnF.geoY EdwardL White, P.C. N/A to Was this contribution the work a ·w<>rlc mnde for hire"? ONo Nll/TIOol Cou:l1lY OR{Otl>enOfl': United States ofAmeriea Domiciled N/A WAS TIllS AUTHOR'S CONTRIDunON TO THE WORK ·UIh.a-.r1o althor AUTHOR'S NATIONALITY OR DOMIOLE DYes _ Anonymnus? U No 0 Yes in'" No NOTE • Underlh. law. thl'8U t h. or' 0. "work mad", . NAME OFAUTHOR T imtructlon.. NATURE OFAUUIORSillP Briefly descn"be IllIture of moterW =ated by this .ulhor in whichcopyrlght Is claimed. '" elb. Portions of the Jriotion. DATES OF BIRTH AND DEATH YearBomT YearDiedT lor hi,," I. g.n.rally thl ---.,.--.--.._..;...---------------------- tho omploy.. "work made for hire"? Was this contribution 10 the worka omployer. not la•• ln6Iructlon6). For any part of thla (or .othor . OR . {C'· .lliZt;no '. Domiciled es Vl No. work. th01 WIlli "mid. lor hlr." chock ·Vo.· In 1h,-space AU1HOR'S NATIONALITY OR DOMIOLE Namo 01 Counuy DY ntho Anr:wtllto althor oIthoMq_ala 0 Yes III No ·V.... GOOoSWloo D Yo> III No InW\lCllom.· NATURE OF AUrnoll.SillP Briefly de=ibe nature of malerial =led by this mithor in which copyrighl iscL-.irn£d. T Portions of the motion. . C --..-..;--..;...-,.---....-----..-..;----..-..;----..-..;..;...----- . II'Oi proparod) tis 01 WAS TIllS AUTHOR'S cONTRmunoN TO THE WORK '. .. -.-.-------,-.---,..- Anonymous? '. Pseudonymous? Wns this contribution 10 the work a "work'made for hire""? AUTHOR'S NATIONALITY OR DOMIOLE Numo 01 Co\JntJy ==:1 WAS 'fHlS AUTHOR'S CONTRIBUTION TO THE WORK Ih. _ 1 0 obhor NATURE OF AUTHORSlllP Briefly deroil:>e nature of malerinl tw.nted by this authorln which copyright is claimed. T YEAR.IN. . rnCR.EATION oFnns . .a.WORKWASCOMPLETED .·T b l s l _ WHJ.... 2006 .' . 4 . . . . <4(vw muatbeltt-n b . DATE. AND NATI.O.N.OFFIRS.T.PUB.LICATlONOF. TIll.SPAR.TI.CULA.·RW.OR.K .... . . . . __ ·ONLYlIlbI._· In IlI1 c a o e L h u b e t n puhlllhcrl . NJA ... .... , . . •......... COPYRIGIITCLAIMANTIS) Name and address must bC g;ven even ;fthe clalmant I. the "".rne 116l1/illlCf.... \heaulhorgivenln.pnre2.Y I OC.UUI s . . ' . - ' 4 NlIIIon 0 Jillrl 1i1OO1 Ok18homaCity, OK 73134 D .••....••.••••.•••.••..•.•. . =t(-=.)...:·named..:....: here-·-in-Spa-ce-4-is-(...:are-)-d-;I...:feren-...:-tfro-m"':th:"':"'e... ....... nu.:...th...:o::.;r(-B).. . " --- " .... . .• spnre 2, give a brief Btatcrnenl of how the claimant(s) obtained ownership of \he copyrighl.... c MORE ON BACK .. Com pial. 811 nppllCDblo apace. (numbors S-Q) on tho r'""rao Dido 01 Ihl. pog•. • Son r!olJlIlod 1n&1nJc!lons. • Sign tholonn", Iln. a DO NOT WRITE HERE Psg. 1 oL2.-. pages ........-----_......,....._---_-.TJe. _ FORMTX o FOR COPYFlIGHT OFFICE ...... USE ONLY _' ,DOWyt WRrrEABOVETHWlJNElfYW NEED MORE SPACE, USE A _ .:. :' .. 'n' 'n '.' ,." _.' __ ,_,_: _, w",1:" or for anear1lcr ver5ionof th\o"iork,; ISTRA o y;..:ij Naif yrn'tr imsw"" is ..yeo;' why:s llIlOthcr reg;str.tlonbcing sought? (Chpo::'fProprl";'; l;.,x,) 'Y' 0 This is thc.flr5Il?uloJi<;hcf edili"]' o! a ",orkl'reviously re&s1=d in :ftJG , .% been "-,,,dc in ' _ _11111_ _ .,.- Office? . , :L b.O This is thefir!;! appllc:ation suimU1lcdby Ihis author as OOpyrighldai.InMt c If: 0 This 'is 4 dianged verslon Of the :woit. as shown by space 60n thi3 IffiSwer • DBUVATiyE WORJ(ORCOMrJ.L.ATION >, fuexl'Hng M'lleriaJ IdentlJ)i any ,,' , Work orworkllthat ',' onorinoorpor.tlefl- T , +terl;UAdded tOThio Worl:Give abrlcl.&enexaisfalement cif ihc materiaJ ihatlmS i-n added loihis work.lnd inwhich copyright is clninied.T Certificate of . This Certificate issued imder the seal obhe Copyright Office in accordance with title 17, United States Code, attests that registrationhas been made for the worJ< identified below. The information on this certificate has been made a part of the Copyright Office records. .l'Of" Nondramalic Liierary Work . \1\111111111111 c...• I.X: ••• of Ame<;a DO NOT WRitE ABOVE THIS LINE. IF YOU NEED MORE SPACE, USE A SEPARATE CONTINUATION SHEET. PREVIOUS ORALTERNATIVE TITLES" N/A . ... . PlJ8L1CATION AS A. CONTRIBUTIONlfthi" work ",lIeclWl' ,""fk in whim !hewnlribullon app"ar"d N/A pUblished "" " contribution b' ur collt'C1inn, J:ive inhumation about the Tille ofC,,11eclive Work. _ ,--_.-------_. ..__ . II pul>li"h,',j in a pic'riodir'll ofrerial give: Volume. • - • . I IssueDate. NAME OF AUTHOR T Edward L White. P.e. thi,;coniributlunhl the work a -w'>rkmade WdS AUTIIOR'S NATIONAUTYOR DOMICILE Name 01 CountlY .-1lI1ited States, OR{'. o Nil NOTE Vnoe' the law, the ''outhor-,01 a, , Anonymous? 0 r;;lNo Pseudonymous?' DYes NATURE ·OFAumORSHIP BrieOy d=rihe nalurv of ",alerial created by this author in whiehropyril\hl i" claimed. T . DomICiled - - - - '- - - . - - - .-,_..•- Legalple8dings ina civil lawsuit ' NAME OFAUTHOR ... for ture- IS, AUTHOR'S NATIONALITY OR DOMICILE Name 01 CoOOIIY the emplo,yet., not It\eemployee (see-tnstruc- mmic fur hlnf? OR {Citil.enof" for a.ny part'd..thls. h()"flS}. WDdc. thai' oN as ")na,de 'to' w OOllliciled intt . WAS THIS AUTiiOR'S CONTRIBUTION TO THE WORK 1Itt>eans-.iertoeither :._. ._.:-. _:_..- A n 6 n y n l O u . ? • . :'! YL'S ........, PWudol'ymous; NATUREQF AUTHORSHIP Briefly describe nature "I mattiria,lcrealed by this authoriJ, whid1 copyright 0 YLOS inSt-uetiOns T (or 01 her person for whom the work 'o.\'CiIS Was Ihismntribulilln to Ihework a as 'Author' {I I tn at parI. leave ,space "Ior dates 01 birth Oealh blank [] YL'" ONo NATUREOFAUTHOnSHIP Biiellydeocriben.1tur" (,I malerialcrealeu1lon to a periodicaJ. serial. or mlledlon, give information about the mJledive wad:; in which the contribution appeared. Title of Co1I£ctive Work N/A II published in a periodical or serial give: Volume 2 I DATES OFBIRTIIAND DEAm NAME OF AU11IOR T a Edward L. White, P.C. I YearBomT YearDied .. N/A N/A NATURE OF AumORSHW Briefly describe nature of malerla1 created by Ibis author in which copyright Is claimed. .. Portions of the motiOn. I;;; . b Foshee & Yaffe, P.C. Under the law. the 01 NAME OF AU11IOR .. generally the employer, nat theemplayee Wee this contribution to the work a "work made for hire"'? \'es 0 No . DATES OF BIRTII AND DEATH Year Bom T Year Died T N/A N/A WAS THIS AUlHOR'S CONTRIBUTION TO mE WORK " the anawer III either OR of Umteti States ofAmenca Anonymous? 0 Yes No Ia Domiciled . PseudOll}'mous? 0 Yes III No Instruellonll. NATURE OF AUTHORSHIP Briefly desaibenatureof maleria1 created by Ibis author in which copyright is daimed. y part of .lhls work that was ·made for hlra' check 'Yes'ln the space AUTIfOR'S NATIONALITY OR DOMICILE N_ 01 cauntry {Citizen • . . • .• Portions of the motiOIl. Ine employer (or other person for. .. whom the work was.preparlld) u'Author'of that part, and leave ths apace for daleS C .. VearBorn T<,·c . . ,;...,;... . Was this conln1>ution to the work a "workmadeforhlre'J 0 Yes Year"Dieli" ----,;...------,;...--AumOR'S NATIONALITY OR DOMICILE WAS THIS AUTHOR'S CONTRIBUTION TO N_oICountJy mE WORK U1II8answerIDIIth9l OR of Anonymous? 0 Yes No Ia ,.......Domiciled u+ Pseudonymous? 0 Yes III No lnllructlona. {Cilizell gJ No NATURE OF AUTHORSHIP Briefly desaibe nature of IIUlterial aeated by this author in which lXlpyright is claimed... · 4 •. '. a .. .•hu::.:_:pubII::aIIed.:•.__ COPYRIGHT CLAIMANT(S) Name and the author given in space 2. Y EdwardL. White,P.C. . must be given even if theclaiuuuit is the lllUIIe as . Foshee & Yaffe, P.C. 1392OIIght', i:Chedt box.) l' a. 0 This tI-.e fuSt published edition of a work pi'eVlcllSly in UII!'*1lShed form. b. 0 nus Is the fiJstapplieation submitted by this author lIS copyright claimant Co 0 This is a changed version of the work, as &hown by spa! 6 on this application. ... Offim? c: = _ i •• DERlVATIVE WORK OR. COMPILATION ", ",'- a Material Identify any pJ:eeXisIing work or worlcs that this work Is based on or inmrporates, l ' :. . ; .. . 6 a 1 N/A Material Added to This Worl' Give a brief, general sill1t!inent of the material that h&s been added 10 this Work and in whidl copyright Is claimed. l' N/A 'l DEPOSIT ACCOUNT If the registration feels to be chPged to a Deposit Aa:ount established In the Copyright Office. give name and number of Aa:ount Name l ' Acanmt Number Y ", , N/A CORRESPONDENCE Give name and address to which mrrespondence about this application should be sent Namel AddresslApt/OtyIState/ZJp l ' b" Edward L. White 13924-B Quail Pointe Drive Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73134 Area code .nd dayIIme!Blllphone IIllIlIbef Email" 405-810-8188 Fax numbllr .. 405-608.:0971 ed@edwbitelaW.com g U Typed orpiinled IUlJllli md dale ... 1£ this application giVes a dale of pubUcalionln space 3, do not signand submit it before that dale. Edward L. White certificate Nlm1t'l' mailed In Edw!'dd will be window envelOpe tothla addresS!: 13924-B QwilPointe Drh'(: CftyJSIate/.ZIt '"' OklallomaCity. Oklahoma 73134 .- - DlIleJ> March - 14,2007 9