Ceglia v. Zuckerberg et al

Filing 64

Declaration of Paul Argentieri by Paul D. Ceglia.(Hall, Christopher) Modified on 6/20/2011 (DLC).

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UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT WESTERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK --------------------------------------------------------------X : CIVIL ACTION NO. 10-CV-00569(RJA) PAUL D. CEGLIA, : : Plaintiff, : : -against: : DECLARATION OF PAUL MARK ELLIOT ZUCKERBERG and : ARGENTIERI IN OPPOSITION TO FACEBOOK, INC., : DEFENDANTS’ MOTION FOR : EXPEDITED DISCOVERY AND IN Defendants. : SUPPORT OF PLAINTIFF’S CROSS: MOTION FOR EXPEDITED : DISCOVERY --------------------------------------------------------------X Paul A. Argentieri, an attorney duly admitted to practice before the courts of the State of New York in good standing, hereby affirms as follows: 1. I am counsel for Plaintiff, Paul D. Ceglia. I am a member in good standing of the bar of the State of New York and of the United States District Court for the Western District of New York, and I am licensed to practice law before all courts in the State of New York. I make this Declaration based on personal knowledge. 2. This Declaration is submitted in opposition to Defendants’ Motion for Expedited Discovery, filed June 2, 2011, and in support of Plaintiff’s Cross-Motion for Expedited Discovery. 3. The original version of the Work Hire Agreement attached as Exhibit A to Plaintiff’s Amended Complaint is currently stored in a secure safe-deposit box at Steuben Trust Company in Hornell, New York. I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed this 17th day of June, 2011. By: /s/ Paul Argentieri Paul A. Argentieri 188 Main St. Hornell, NY 14843 (607) 324- 3232 paul.argentieri@gmail.com Attorneys for Plaintiff