Mirror Worlds, LLC v. Apple, Inc.

Filing 100

Minute Entry -- 7.7.09 Motion Hrg for proceedings held before Judge Leonard Davis: Motion Hearing held on 7/7/2009 re 86 MOTION to Amend/Correct 79 Protective Order (Regarding the Parties' Prosecution Bar Dispute) filed by Apple, Inc.. (Court Reporter Shea Sloan.) (rlf, )

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Mirror Worlds, LLC v. Apple, Inc. Doc. 100 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS TYLER DIVISION DATE: July 7, 2009 JUDGE LEONARD DAVIS LAW CLERKS: Andrea Houston REPORTER: Shea Sloan MIRROR WORLDS, LLC CIVIL ACTION NO: 6:08-CV-88 V MOTION HEARING APPLE, INC. ATTORNEYS FOR PLAINTIFFS R ic h a r d An (Stroock) D e b o r a h Race (ICK Firm) ATTORNEY FOR DEFENDANT S t e v e n Cherensky (W e i l ) A d a m Biggs (Albritton Firm) On this day, came the parties by their attorneys and the following proceedings were had: OPEN: 1:30 pm TIME: 1:30 pm MINUTES: Case called. Ms. Race & Mr. An announced ready for plaintiff. Mr. Cherensky & Mr. Biggs announced ready for defendant. Court addressed the parties on the protective order issue. Mr. Cherensky addressed the Court on the protective order issues. Court asked for a outline of what happens at the PTO during examination process. Mr. Cherensky responded and continued his presentation of the issues regarding the protective order. Ms. Race responded. Mr. Cherensky replied to Ms. Race's response. Ms. Race responded. Court will get an order to the parties as soon as possible. 2:10 pm There being nothing further, Court adjourned. ADJOURN: 2:10 pm DAVID J. MALAND, CLERK FILED: 7.7.2009 B Y : Rosa L. Ferguson, Courtroom Deputy Dockets.Justia.com