I/P Engine, Inc. v. AOL, Inc. et al

Filing 921

ORDER granting 913 Motion for Joseph R. Re to appear Pro hac vice for I/P Engine, Inc. Signed by District Judge Raymond A. Jackson and filed on 4/5/13. (mwin, )

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Case 2:ll-cv-00512-RAJ-TEM Document 913 Filed 04/04/13 Page 1of 1PagelD# 22823 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF VIRGINIA application^uaupvasapo^^ In Case Number »io«i2 Case Name iff Enoho. inc. v-aol. .no., eta.. Party Represented by Applicant: l/P Engine, .no- To: The Honorable Judges oftheUnited States DistrictCourt for the Eastern DistrictofVirginia PERSONAL STATEMENT FULL NAME (no initials, please). Joseph R. Re. ••• FULL NAMb VU> lnuiws. piw»w _zz^- Bar Identification Number 1W79 ^..f#,m,n State California Firm Name Knobbe, Martens. Olson &Bear, LLP nwnioltf Firm Phone # (949) 760-0404 ~ E Mail Address ioe.re@knobbe.com FAXtf (949)760-9502 (949)721-2889 _ _—_ ^^^^ Office Mailing A rlrlrr- _1™ M»in s» 14th Roor-'™n9'u*°2614 " j j- j iiQnr rpntral Southern N^tfhom and Eastern Districts ofCalifornia; U.S .Srilrules ofl federal courtin the district inwhich, maintain my ofT-ceextend a m,larprotovfceadm,ss,on s, privilege to members ofthe bar ofthe Eastern District ofVirginia. ,have no.been reprimanded in any court norhas there been any action in any court pertainingto my conductor fitness as a member of the bar. M:aas5iS5Stt»ts»tsss^ Evidence is current ,m the admission fee. am „ot_X_ afoil-time employee ofthe United States ofAmerica, an petition the court to admit the applicant pro hacvice. — (Signature) <* 6h=- Snq»J =^ i*. fcyMJ •pf> nixp (Typed orPrime Court Use Only: Clerk's Fee Paid or Exemption Grant© The motion for admission is GRANTED J^f ^T^— APR -5 2013 or DENIED NORFMK.VA^^^ CLERK, US DISTRICT COURT Raymond A. llackson jS^rtdtaW^^DUiUlJuiI^ i> yu/<~j