Cambridge University Press, et al v. J.L. Albert, et al

Filing 75

Appellee's Brief filed by Appellees J. L. Albert, Mark P. Becker, Kenneth R. Bernard, Jr., Robert F. Hatcher, W. Mansfield Jennings, Jr., Risa Palm and Nancy Seamans. Service date: 04/18/2013 email - Attorney for Amicus Curium: Aistars, Dove, Rasenberger, Steinman, Tonsager, Wasoff; Attorney for Appellants: Bloom, Krugman, Larson, Rains, Rich, Singer; Attorney for Appellees: Askew, Bates, Gentry, Harbin, Levie, Miller, Moffitt, Quicker, Schaetzel, Volkert, Whiting-Pack. (ECF: Anthony Askew)

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