Viacom International, Inc. v. Youtube, Inc.

Filing 304

NOTICE OF APPEARANCE AS AMICUS COUNSEL, on behalf of, National Alliance for Media Art & Culture and The Alliance for Community Media, FILED. Service date 04/07/2011 by CM/ECF. [256927] [10-3270]--[Edited 04/07/2011 by DH]

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Viacom International, Inc. v. Youtube, Inc. Doc. 304 UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE SECOND CIRCUIT THURGOOD MARSHALL UNITED STATES COURTHOUSE 40 FOLEY SQUARE NEW YORK, NY 10007 212-857-8500 DENNIS G. JACOBS CHIEF JUDGE CATHERINE O'HAGAN W OLFE CLERK OF COURT NOTICE OF APPEARANCE INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBSTITUTE, ADDITIONAL, OR AMICUS COUNSEL The Notice of Appearance for Substitute, Additional, or Amicus Counsel form requires counsel to provide contact information. It also requires counsel to certify that they have been admitted to this Court and have complied with all rules regarding admission renewal or that they have applied for admission to this Court. In accordance with Local Rule 12.3(b), each attorney acting as substitution or amicus counsel or any attorney other than lead counsel of record wishing to enter the case must file a separate notice of appearance. Counsel must be admitted to the bar of this Court or be otherwise eligible to argue an appeal. The Court requires written pro hac vice motions filed before filing the notice of appearance. Admission pro hac vice will be extended as a matter of course to a member of the bar of a district court within the circuit who has represented a criminal defendant at trial and continues representation on an appeal taken pursuant to the Criminal Justice Act. See Local Rule 46.1(d)(1). Counsel, however, are encouraged to apply for general admission to this Court as soon as they meet the qualifications. For information concerning attorney admissions and renewals, visit the court's website at or contact Admissions in the Clerk's Office at 212-857-8603. NOTICE OF APPEARANCE FOR SUBSTITUTE, ADDITIONAL, OR AMICUS COUNSEL Short Title:Viacom International, Inc. v. YouTube, Inc. Docket No.:10-3270-cv Substitute, Additional, or Amicus Counsel's Contact Information is as follows: Name:Jennifer M. Urban Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic Firm:Samuelson Address:396 Simon Hall, University of California, Berkeley, School of Law, Berkeley, CA 94720-7200 642-7338 Fax: Telephone:(510) Appearance for:National Alliance for Media Art & Culture and The Alliance for Community Media (party/designation) Select One: G Substitute counsel (replacing lead counsel: (name/firm) G Substitute counsel (replacing other counsel: (name/firm) G Additional counsel (co-counsel with: (name/firm) G ! Amicus (in support of :YouTube, ) ) ) Inc., YouTube, LLC, and Google, Inc. (party/designation) ) CERTIFICATION I certify that: G ! I am admitted to practice in this Court and, if required by Interim Local Rule 46.1(a)(2), have renewed my admission on G I applied for admission on OR . Signature of Counsel: /s/ Jennifer M. Urban M. Urban Type or Print Name:Jennifer

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