Authors Guild, Inc. v. Hathitrust

Filing 9

FORM D, on behalf of Appellant Australian Society Of Authors Limited, Australian Society Of Authors Limited, Authors Guild, Inc., Authors League Fund, Inc., Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society, Pat Cummings, Pat Cummins, Erik Grundstrom, Angelo Loukakis, Norsk Faglitteraer Forfatter0OG Oversetterforening, Roxana Robinson, Helge Ronning, Andre Roy, Jack R. Salamanca, James Shapiro, James Shapiro, Daniele Simpson, Danielle Simpson, T.J. Stiles, Sveriges Forfattarforbund, Union Des Ecrivaines Et Des Ecrivains Quebecois, Fay Weldon and Writers' Union of Canada, FILED. Service date 11/26/2012 by CM/ECF.[777699] [12-4547]

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UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE SECOND CIRCUIT CIVIL APPEAL TRANSCRIPT INFORMATION (FORM D) NOTICE TO COUNSEL: COUNSEL FOR THE APPELLANT MUST FILE THIS FORM WITH THE CLERK OF THE SECOND CIRCUIT IN ALL CIVIL APPEALS WITHIN 14 CALENDAR DAYS AFTER FILING A NOTICE OF APPEAL. THIS SECTION MUST BE COMPLETED BY COUNSEL FOR APPELLANT CASE TITLE DISTRICT DOCKET NUMBER THE AUTHORS GUILD, INC., et Southern District of New York 11 Civ. 6351 al. JUDGE APPELLANT Harold J. Baer The Authors Guild, Inc., et al. - against HATHITRUST, et aI. COURT REPORTER COUNSEL FOR APPELLANT Edward H. Rosenthal, Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, P.C. Check the applicable provision: PROVIDE A DESCRIPTION, INCLUDING DATES, OF THE PROCEEDINGS FOR El ~ WHICH A TRANSCRIPT IS REQUIRED (i.e., oral argument, order from the bench, etc.) I am ordering a transcript. I am not ordering a transcript Transcript of oral arguments on motions for judgment on the pleadings (5/17/12) and for summary judgment (8/6/12) Reason for not ordering a transcript: E~i El El Copy is already available No transcribed proceedings Other (Specify in the space below): INSTRUCTIONS TO COURT REPORTER: [] El [] LI METHOD OF PAYMENT LiFunds CJA Voucher (CJA 21) DELIVER TRANSCRIPT TO: (COUNSEL’S NAME, ADDRESS, TELEPHONE) PREPARE TRANSCRIPT OF PRE-TRIAL PROCEEDINGS PREPARE TRANSCRIPT OF TRIAL PREPARE TRANSCRIPT OF OTHER POST-TRIAL PROCEEDINGS OTHER (Specify in the space below): I certify that I have made satisfactory arrangements with the court reporter for payment of the cost of the transcript. See FRAP 10(b). I understand that unless I have already ordered the transcript, I shall order its preparation at the time required by FRAP and the Local Rules. COUNSEL’S SIGNATURE ~ DATE N~-’..-- 2-6 ~ COURT REPORTER ACKNOWLEDGMENT: This section is to be completed by the court reporter. Return one copy to the Clerk of the Second Circuit. DATE ORDER RECEIVED SIGNATURE OF COURT REPORTED ESTIMATED COMPLETION DATE ESTIMATED NUMBER OF PAGES DATE

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