The Authors Guild v. Google, Inc.

Filing 115

NOTICE OF APPEARANCE AS AMICUS COUNSEL, on behalf of Amicus Curiae American Society of Journalists and Authors, Inc.--[Edited 04/21/2014 by KG]

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N011CE Of APPEARANCE FOR SUM11Tln'1E.t ADDlTIONA4 r R AMICUS COUNSEL O r...__ lc. ~ocT 13-4829 li.Jl:,LIIt:el!: L'I O . !._ _ _ _ __ Shon Tide: Authors Guil!lil v. Googfe. frlc. Sub;tituil!t Additio.MI, rOJ.' Amkm CouMel'l5l Conta.cll: In:formatl:on k :une: Hillel ~. Flffll.! Robins ~ Pamess Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi L.L.P. Aifdif'e.i$t 601 Lex~ i ngton Avenue~ Teleph-on:et E.m:-ul~ a;, followi1 34th FhlOli 2 12-980-7 400 hipamess@n kmc.. com Aflpt!'llJ'anCe ror: f American SocEety ~of JoumaU and Authors. Inc. r ASJA") sm i(paJ'tV/d~l;ln:lllonl S'eJ.Iect r }ne! ( ~S~I~~~u~~P~~~~~~----------------------~ 1 (nnme/6rm) Osulml ~j~,:J.r;e coun.,et hepbclngodler courueL _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _-' ...._ 1 (name/1 r&11m) 0Mdl~~oo~~(~u~. ~~~-----------------------~ 1 (name/1 rm) 6 I./ ~A..mlcw (in suppo 111 0 r!Authors Guild. P1 laintiffs..Appellants 1 (pan:vld~lift:~~;lon) I. eerdfi, mon~ l/ l o1rn adml teed to ICJnodoe ~n dll$ Court and, ~f requl red by Inter,!m loc.J.l Rule ยท46.1(a)(l'), h.we renewed! my .Klm on Qn Alllgust 24, 2010 ~ifUmre ti C;runsel: siH illell. I amess P Type or Prtn:t Name: Hillel t Pames:s OR

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