The Authors Guild v. Google, Inc.

Filing 194

LETTER, on behalf of Appellant Jim Bouton, Joseph Goulden, Betty Miles and The Authors Guild, RECEIVED. Service date 09/10/2014 by CM/ECF.[1316556] [13-4829]

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Frankfurt Kurnit Klein + Selz Edward H. Rosenthal 486 Padison Avenue! New York! New York 10022 T (212) 826 5524 F (347) 438 2114 September 10, 2014 VIA ECF Ms. Catherine OHagan Wolfe Clerk of the Court United States Court of Appeals Daniel Patrick Moynihan United States Court House 500 Pearl Street New York, New York 10007 Re: Authors Guild, Inc. v. Goo1e Inc., No. 13-4829 Dear Ms. Wo]fe: lam counsel of record for plaintiffs-appellants in The Authors Guildv, Google Inc., No. 13-4829. Co-couriscl Paul M. Smith will present oral argument on behalf of Appellants in this case, Appellants previously submitted an oral argument statement form listing the dates when Mr. Smith will be unavailable to present argument. I write now to provide the Court with the following additional dates when Mr. Smith will be unavailable: November 4 and November 13; December 5 and December 16. Respectfully submitted, Edward 11. Rosenthal cc: All Counsel (via ECF) FKKS: 530820 vi 19894 800

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