The Authors Guild v. Google, Inc.

Filing 22

ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND NOTICE OF APPEARANCE, on behalf of Appellant Jim Bouton, Joseph Goulden, Betty Miles and The Authors Guild, FILED. Service date 01/23/2014 by CM/ECF.[1140369] [13-4829]

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ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND NOTICE OF APPEAUANCE Shun Tide: The Gp er a. v. sIe, ‘c Dccet Lead Cour.s& A Record (name/firm) or Prose ?arv (z3mc): cwarc A:,earance for (partv.des:gnauon): The A,Ihxs G So.: 13,4829 H RosenthaLPrk’r Jr I Kfl & SeIz. PC Betty as it Batc9 Joseph Gouder. hi vdaaly and on behsrofar othe srrgary si:ua:ei/ Prit’s-Aopekn. DOCKET SHEET ACKNOWLEDGMENT &kMENDMENTh 1 Caption as indicated IS: ( ‘ ) Correct C ) Incorrect. See attached caption page with corrections. Appellate Designation is: ( ‘ ) Correct C ) Incorrect. The following parties do not wish to participate in this appeal: Parties: ( ) [ncorrect. Please change the following parties’ cIesignaUOflS: Correct Desinarion Earci Contac, Iniormation for Lead Counsel.’Prc. Sc Pam , ( Is: -c.Lrrrt ) Incorrect or Incomplete, and should he amended as follows: >arnc: Fir it: Address: Telephona__________________________________________________ Fax: Email: RELVUED CASES This case has not been before this Court previously. v ) This case has been before this Court previously, The short title, docket number, and citation are: Authors GuNd v. Gooqle--09-2224, 09-4142, 09-4161, 09-4224, 12-2402 and 12-3200 V ) Matters related to this appeil or involving the same issue have been or presently are before this Court. The short titles, clocker numbers, and citations arc: Authors Guild, Inc. v. Hathitrust--l 2-4547 involves certain simlar issues CERTIfICATION cer[ift’ that ( Decarbor I. 2C1 1 am adm:icd to practice in this Court and, 1 required by LR 46. (a)C2). la tenewed my adniss:on on OR that C ) I apphed for adrnssIun on or renewal on If the Court has not yet admitted me or approved my renewal, I have completed Addendti in A. S:narure :1 Lead counsel of Record: Type ur Pr:rtt Same: Etwaro H Rosei:a1 lit]gant: Type or Print Name:________________________ I am a prose litigant who is nor an attorney. I am an incarcerated pro Sc ll[igant. Signature of pro SC r

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