AT&T Inc v. FCC

Filing 32

Calendared for Friday, 03/13/2009. (CMH)

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AT&T Inc v. FCC Doc. 32 OFFICE OF THE CLERK M A R C IA M. WALDRON CLERK UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE THIRD CIRCUIT 21400 UNITED STATES COURTHOUSE 601 MARKET STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA 19106-1790 TELEPHONE 2 1 5 -5 9 7 -2 9 9 5 Website: January 8, 2009 Mary C. Albert, Esq. Kelly P. Dunbar, Esq. Michael A. Krasnow, Esq. Catherine G. O'Sullivan, Esq. Colin S. Stretch, Esq. Robert J. Wiggers, Esq. RE: AT&T Inc v. FCC Case Number: 08-4024 Agency Case Number: FCC 08-207 Dear Counsel: The above-entitled case(s) has/have been tentatively listed on the merits on Friday, March 13, 2009 in PHILADELPHIA, PA. It may become necessary for the panel to move this case to another day within the week of March 9, 2009. Counsel will be notified if such a change occurs. The panel will determine whether there will be oral argument and if so, the amount of time allocated for each side. (See Third Circuit Internal Operating Procedures, Chapter 2.1.) No later than one (1) week prior to the disposition date you will be advised whether oral argument will be required, the amount of time allocated by the panel, and the specific date on which argument will be scheduled. Counsel shall file an acknowledgment form within seven (7) days from the date of this letter, and advise the name of the attorney who will present oral argument. In addition, please indicate whether or not s/he is a member of the bar of this Court. Bar membership is not necessary if counsel represents a U.S. government agency or officer thereof or if the party is appearing pro se. If the attorney is not a member of the bar of this Court, an application for admission should be completed, which should be returned to this office without delay. The hyperlinks for access to the acknowledgment form, application for admission, and appearance formare provided for your convenience, and are also available on the Third Circuit website. Please file your completed acknowledgment form though CM/ECF. Page 2 RE: AT&T Inc v. FCC Case Number: 08-4024 Agency Case Number: FCC 08-207 Listed for 3/13/09 Very truly yours, January 8, 2009 Marcia M. Waldron, Clerk By: Carmen Hernandez, Calendar Unit MMW/CMH 267-299-4952

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