International Refugee Assistance Project v. Trump

Filing 109

APPEARANCE OF COUNSEL (Local Rule 46(c)) by Deborah A. Jeon for Jane Doe #2, John Does #1 & 3, HIAS, Inc., Paul Harrison, International Refugee Assistance Project, Muhammed Meteab, Middle East Studies Association of North America, Inc. and Ibrahim Ahmed Mohomed.[1000060563] [17-1351] Deborah Jeon

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UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE FOURTH CIRCUIT APPEARANCE OF COUNSEL FORM BAR ADMISSION & ECF REGISTRATION: If you have not been admitted to practice before the Fourth Circuit, you must complete and return an Application for Admission before filing this form. If you were admitted to practice under a different name than you are now using, you must include your former name when completing this form so that we can locate you on the attorney roll. Electronic filing by counsel is required in all Fourth Circuit cases. If you have not registered as a Fourth Circuit ECF Filer, please complete the required steps at Register for eFiling. THE CLERK WILL ENTER MY APPEARANCE IN APPEAL NO. ______________________________ as 17-1351 [ ]Retained [ ]Court-appointed(CJA) [ ]Court-assigned(non-CJA) [ ]Federal Defender [✔ ]Pro Bono [ ]Government COUNSEL FOR: International Refugee Assistance Project, HIAS, Inc., Jane Doe #2, John Does #1 and 3, Muh _______________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________as the (party name) appellant(s) ✔ appellee(s) petitioner(s) respondent(s) amicus curiae intervenor(s) movant(s) ______________________________________ (signature) ________________________________________ Deborah A. Jeon _______________ 410-889-8550 x120 Name (printed or typed) Voice Phone ________________________________________ American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland _______________ 410-366-7838 Firm Name (if applicable) Fax Number ________________________________________ 3600 Clipper Mill Road, Suite 350 ________________________________________ Baltimore, MD 21211 Address _________________________________ E-mail address (print or type) CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I certify that on _________________ the foregoing document was served on all parties or their counsel of record April 12, 2017 through the CM/ECF system if they are registered users or, if they are not, by serving a true and correct copy at the addresses listed below: ______________________________ Deborah A. Jeon Signature 01/19/2016 SCC ____________________________ April 12, 2017 Date

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