International Refugee Assistance Project v. Trump

Filing 150

Docket correction requested from Benna Ruth Solomon for City of Chicago. Re: [148] amicus curiae Brief. Access to amicus curiae Brief has been restricted to case participants... [17-1351] (JSN)

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UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE FOURTH CIRCUIT 1100 East Main Street, Suite 501, Richmond, Virginia 23219 April 19, 2017 ____________________________ DOCKET CORRECTION NOTICE ____________________________ No. 17-1351, TO: Intl Refugee Assistance v. Donald J. Trump 8:17-cv-00361-TDC Benna Ruth Solomon BRIEF CORRECTION DUE: April 21, 2017 Please make the correction identified below and file a corrected document by the due date indicated. Use the BRIEF entry and select "Corrected" as a modifier if corrections require the refiling of the electronic brief/appendix.  The appendix at the end of the brief is an improper attachment. -- Statutes, rules, and regulations requiring study by the court and unpublished dispositions that are not available should be included in an addendum at the end of the brief. If counsel wishes to supplement the brief with any other matters, the additional material must be presented to the court under separate cover, accompanied by a motion to file the material as an attachment to the brief. Jeffrey S. Neal, Deputy Clerk 804-916-2729

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