International Refugee Assistance Project v. Trump

Filing 195

DOCUMENT referencing [194] Motion for leave to file, [193] amicus curiae Brief by Airport Attorneys Coalition, Amici Curiae in support of Appellees. [1000065252] [17-1351] Michael Roberts

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No. 17-1351 THE UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE FOURTH CIRCUIT INTERNATIONAL REFUGEE ASSISTANCE PROJECT, a project of the Urban Justice Center, Inc., on behalf of itself; HIAS, INC., on behalf of itself and its clients; MIDDLE EAST STUDIES ASSOCIATION OF NORTH AMERICA, INC., on behalf of itself and its members; MUHAMMED METEAB; PAUL HARRISON; IBRAHIM AHMED MOHOMED; JOHN DOES #1 & 3; JANE DOE #2 Plaintiffs – Appellees, v. DONALD J. TRUMP, in his official capacity as President of the United States; DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY; DEPARTMENT OF STATE; OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE; JOHN F. KELLY, in his official capacity as Secretary of Homeland Security; REX W. TILLERSON, in his official capacity as Secretary of State; DANIEL R. COATS, in his official capacity as Director of National Intelligence Defendants – Appellants. ___________________ On Appeal from the United States District Court, District of Maryland, The Honorable Theodore D. Chuang, United States District Judge (8:17-cv-00361-TDC) ATTACHMENT TO BRIEF OF AMICI CURIAE AIRPORT ATTORNEYS COALITION IN SUPPORT OF APPELLEES Michael B. Roberts Karen Lee Lust Kristin C. Davis REED SMITH LLP 1301 K Street NW, Suite 1000, East Tower Washington, DC 20005 (202) 414-9288 Sirine Shebaya Civil Rights Attorney P.O. Box 42219 Washington, DC 20015 (202) 656-4788 Mirriam Seddiq Seddiq Law Firm 14452 Old Mill Rd. Suite 201 Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 m (301) 513-7832 TABLE OF CONTENTS TO ATTACHMENTS Attachment Description Att. A List of Amici Curiae Att. 01 B Airport Attorney Coalition Letter: Signatories Att. 02 - 13 C Declaration of Hassan Minhaj Ahmad Att. 14 - 18 D Declaration of Jorge L. Baron Att. 19 - 23 E Declaration of Ofelia Lee Calderon Att. 24 - 26 F Declaration of Patricia M. Corrales Att. 27 - 29 G Declaration of Claudia R. Cubas Att. 30 - 33 H Declaration of Talia Inlender Att. 34 – 36 I Declaration of Karl Krooth Att. 37 - 41 J Declaration of Judy London Att. 42 - 43 K Declaration of Sonali Patnaik Att. 44 - 45 L Declaration of Matthew D. Pryor Att. 46 – 48 M Declaration of Sirine Shebaya Att. 49 – 51 N Declaration of Martin Valko Att. 52 - 55 O Declaration of Takao Yamada Att. 56 - 57

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