International Refugee Assistance Project v. Trump

Filing 30

DISCLOSURE OF CORPORATE AFFILIATIONS (Local Rule 26.1) by Appellee HIAS, Inc.. Was any question on Disclosure Form answered yes? No [1000048687] [17-1351] Omar Jadwat

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UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE FOURTH CIRCUIT DISCLOSURE OF CORPORATE AFFILIATIONS AND OTHER INTERESTS Disclosures must be filed on behalf of all parties to a civil, agency, bankruptcy or mandamus case, except that a disclosure statement is not required from the United States, from an indigent party, or from a state or local government in a pro se case. In mandamus cases arising from a civil or bankruptcy action, all parties to the action in the district court are considered parties to the mandamus case. Corporate defendants in a criminal or post-conviction case and corporate amici curiae are required to file disclosure statements. If counsel is not a registered ECF filer and does not intend to file documents other than the required disclosure statement, counsel may file the disclosure statement in paper rather than electronic form. Counsel has a continuing duty to update this information. 17-1351 No. __________ Intl Refugee Assistance v. Donald J. Trump Caption: __________________________________________________ Pursuant to FRAP 26.1 and Local Rule 26.1, HIAS, Inc. ______________________________________________________________________________ (name of party/amicus) ______________________________________________________________________________ Appellee who is _______________________, makes the following disclosure: (appellant/appellee/petitioner/respondent/amicus/intervenor) 1. Is party/amicus a publicly held corporation or other publicly held entity? 2. Does party/amicus have any parent corporations? YES NO If yes, identify all parent corporations, including all generations of parent corporations: 3. Is 10% or more of the stock of a party/amicus owned by a publicly held corporation or other publicly held entity? YES NO If yes, identify all such owners: 09/29/2016 SCC -1- YES NO 4. Is there any other publicly held corporation or other publicly held entity that has a direct financial interest in the outcome of the litigation (Local Rule 26.1(a)(2)(B))? YES NO If yes, identify entity and nature of interest: 5. Is party a trade association? (amici curiae do not complete this question) YES NO If yes, identify any publicly held member whose stock or equity value could be affected substantially by the outcome of the proceeding or whose claims the trade association is pursuing in a representative capacity, or state that there is no such member: 6. Does this case arise out of a bankruptcy proceeding? If yes, identify any trustee and the members of any creditors’ committee: /s/ Omar Jadwat Signature: ____________________________________ YES NO 03/24/2017 Date: ___________________ Appellees Counsel for: __________________________________ CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE ************************** 03/24/2017 I certify that on _________________ the foregoing document was served on all parties or their counsel of record through the CM/ECF system if they are registered users or, if they are not, by serving a true and correct copy at the addresses listed below: /s/ Omar Jadwat _______________________________ (signature) 03/24/2017 ________________________ (date) -2- Print Save Reset Form

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