In Re: Katrina Canal


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In Re: Katrina Canal Doc. 0 Att. 2 Case: 09-30485 Document: 00511188743 Page: 1 Date Filed: 07/28/2010 United States Court of Appeals F IF T H C IR C U IT O F F I C E O F TH E C L E R K LYLE W . CAYCE CLERK T E L . 504-310-7700 6 0 0 S. M A E S T R I PLA C E N E W O R L E A N S , LA 70130 July 28, 2010 Hon. John Tarlton Olivier, Clerk Louisiana Supreme Court 301 Loyola Avenue Suite 220 New Orleans, LA 70112 No. 09-30485, In Re: Katrina Canal USDC No. 2:05-CV-4182 USDC No. 2:07-CV-5528 Dear Mr. Olivier: The Fifth Circuit has determined to certify a question of law to the Supreme Court of Louisiana in connection with the referenced appeal. I am enclosing herewith one folder containing the following documents: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Opinion of this Court directing certification; The formal Louisiana; certification to the Supreme Court of Briefs of the parties; The ten (10) volume record on appeal; Various motions and orders filed in this cause which are listed separately in the formal certification to the Louisiana Supreme Court. Also enclosed are seven (7) additional copies of the Court's certification opinion for distribution to all of the Louisiana Supreme Court Justices. Case: 09-30485 Document: 00511188743 Page: 2 Date Filed: 07/28/2010 Since the case has proceeded in this Court on the original typewritten record, we would appreciate the return of this record to this Court, when the case has been decided by your Court. Sincerely, LYLE W. CAYCE, Clerk By:_________________________ Jamei R. Cheramie, Deputy Clerk Enclosures cc and copy of opinion to: Mr. Neil C. Abramson Mr. Wystan Michael Ackerman Ms. Judy Y. Barrasso Mrs. Nora B. Bilbro Ms. Kelly C Bogart Ms. Jacqueline M. Brettner Ms. Lauren E Brisbi Mr. Stephen Glenn Bullock Mr. William Glenn Burns Ms. Rachael Patton Catalanotto Mr. Charles Louis Chassaignac IV Ms. Mary Lue Dumestre Mr. Stuart Kyle Duncan Mr. Lawrence J. Duplass Ms. Andrea Leigh Fannin Mr. Neal J Favret Mr. Richard L. Fenton Mr. Alan Scott Gilbert Mr. Stephen E Goldman Mr. Ralph S. Hubbard III Mr. Kevin Peter Kamraczewski Mr. Richard Edward King Mr. Wayne Joseph Lee Mr. Steven M. Levy Mr. Matthew Joseph Lindsay Mr. Jay M. Lonero Ms. Amy Seltzer Malish Mr. Stephen L. Miles Mr. Sean Patrick Mount Mr. Dominic J. Ovella Mrs. Maura Z. Pelleteri Mr. Christopher Raymond Pennison Mr. C Michael Pfister Mr. H Minor Pipes III Mr. Daniel Michael Redmann Mr. Marshall M. Redmon Mr. Harry A Rosenberg Mrs. Deborah B. Rouen Mr. Seth Andrew Schmeeckle Ms. Kristen H Schorp Mr. Gordon Paul Serou Jr. Case: 09-30485 Document: 00511188743 Page: 3 Date Filed: 07/28/2010 Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. John E Steven Walter Alan J Unsworth Jr. W. Usdin D. Willson Yacoubian

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