Marc Veasey, et al v. Greg Abbott, et al


NON DISPOSITIVE PUBLISHED OPINION FILED. Judge: JES , Judge: JWE , Judge: JEG; granting motion for stay pending appeal filed by Appellants State of Texas, Mr. Greg Abbott, Mr. Rolando Pablos and Mr. Steve McGraw. The district court's orders are stayed, until the final disposition of this appeal, in accordance with this opinion, and all proceedings in the district court are stayed. [8576856-2] [17-40884]

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Case: 17-40884 Document: 00514143427 Page: 1 Date Filed: 09/05/2017 United States Court of Appeals FIFTH CIRCUIT OFFICE OF THE CLERK LYLE W. CAYCE CLERK TEL. 504-310-7700 600 S. MAESTRI PLACE NEW ORLEANS, LA 70130 September 05, 2017 MEMORANDUM TO COUNSEL OR PARTIES LISTED BELOW: No. 17-40884 Marc USDC USDC USDC USDC Veasey, et al v. Greg Abbott, et al No. 2:13-CV-193 No. 2:13-CV-263 No. 2:13-CV-291 No. 2:13-CV-348 Enclosed is an opinion order entered in this case. Sincerely, LYLE W. CAYCE, Clerk By: _________________________ Dawn S. Eiserloh, Deputy Clerk Ms. Leah Camille Aden Ms. Anna Marks Baldwin Mr. J. Campbell Barker Mr. Neil G. Baron Mr. David J. Bradley Mr. Thomas Evans Chandler Ms. Jennifer Clark Ms. Lindsey Beth Cohan Mrs. Angela Veronica Colmenero Mr. Daniel Gavin Covich Mr. Armand G. Derfner Mr. Chad Wilson Dunn Ms. Diana Katherine Flynn Mr. Matthew Hamilton Frederick Mr. Gregory Bryan Friel Mr. Jose Garza Mr. Bruce I. Gear Mr. Jon Marshall Greenbaum Mr. J. Gerald Hebert Mr. Scott A. Keller Ms. Shoshana J. Krieger Mr. Jason R. LaFond Ms. Danielle Marie Lang Ms. Coty Rae Montag Ms. Janai S. Nelson Ms. Priscilla Noriega Case: 17-40884 Mr. Ms. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Ms. Document: 00514143427 Jonathan Edward Paikin Myrna Perez Sidney Samuel Rosdeitcher I Ezra D. Rosenberg John Albert Smith III Paul March Smith Neil A. Steiner Luis Roberto Vera Jr. Michelle Yeary Page: 2 Date Filed: 09/05/2017

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