Frenchtown Acquisition Company v. NLRB


OPINION and JUDGMENT filed: Frenchtown's petition for review is DENIED and the National Labor Relations Board's cross-application for the enforcement of its order is GRANTED. Decision for publication pursuant to local rule 206. Karen Nelson Moore, Jeffrey S. Sutton, and Jane Branstetter Stranch (AUTHORING), Circuit Judges. [11-1418, 11-1499]

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Case: 11-1418 Document: 006111342821 Filed: 06/20/2012 Page: 1 UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE SIXTH CIRCUIT Leonard Green Clerk 100 EAST FIFTH STREET, ROOM 540 POTTER STEWART U.S. COURTHOUSE CINCINNATI, OHIO 45202-3988 Tel. (513) 564-7000 Filed: June 20, 2012 Ms. Ruth E. Burdick Ms. Linda Dreeben National Labor Relations Board Ms. Michelle M. Devitt Mr. David A Seid National Labor Relations Board Injunction Litigation Branch 1099 14th Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20570 Mr. Grant Thomas Pecor Clark Hill 200 Ottawa Avenue, N.W., Suite 500 Grand Rapids, MI 49503 Re: Case Nos. 11-1418/11-1499, Frenchtown Acquisition Company v. NLRB Nos. : 7-UC-628 : 7-CA-52888 : 7-CA-53309 Dear Counsel, The court today announced its decision in the above-styled cases. Enclosed is a copy of the court's opinion together with the judgment which has been entered in conformity with Rule 36, Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure. Yours very truly, Leonard Green, Clerk Cathryn Lovely Deputy Clerk Enclosures Mandate to issue.

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