In re: Murray Energy Corporation v. EPA, et al


Per Curiam MEMORANDUM OPINION and ORDER on Administrative Record: Petitioners motions to complete the record are GRANTED in part and DENIED in part. The Agencies are hereby ORDERED to include the Moyer April 24, 2015 Technical Analysis (sans 10 11 and attached revised draft final rule) with its Appendix A (free of handwritten underlining and notations), in the administrative record. In all other respects, the motions are DENIED. Damon J. Keith, David W. McKeague, and Richard Allen Griffin, Circuit Judges. [15-3751, 15-3799, 15-3817, 15-3820, 15-3822, 15-3823, 15-3831, 15-3837, 15-3839, 15-3850, 15-3853, 15-3858, 15-3885, 15-3887, 15-3948, 15-4159, 15-4162, 15-4188, 15-4211, 15-4234, 15-4305, 15-4404]

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Case: 15-3751 Document: 119-1 Filed: 10/04/2016 Page: 1 UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE SIXTH CIRCUIT Deborah S. Hunt Clerk 100 EAST FIFTH STREET, ROOM 540 POTTER STEWART U.S. COURTHOUSE CINCINNATI, OHIO 45202-3988 Tel. (513) 564-7000 Filed: October 04, 2016 Case Nos. 15-3751/15-3799/15-3817/15-3820/15-3822/15-3823/153831/15-3837/15-3839/15-3850/15-3853/15-3858/15-3885/15Re: 3887/15-3948/15-4159/15-4162/15-4188/15-4211/15-4234/154305/15-4404, In re: Murray Energy Corporation v. EPA, et al Originating Case No. : EPA-HQ-OW-2011-0880 Dear Counsel: The Court issued the enclosed Order today in this case. Sincerely yours, s/Amy E. Gigliotti Case Manager Direct Dial No. 513-564-7012 cc: Ms. Loren L. AliKhan Mr. Andrew B. Ayers Mr. Philip Bein Ms. Lorelei M Bensel Mr. Timothy S. Bishop Mr. Adam Franklin Blalock Mr. Daniel Paul Bock Mr. Edward Grant Bohlen Mr. Andrew Lynn Brasher Ms. Janette K. Brimmer Mr. Craig A. Bromby Mr. Nicholas Bronni Ms. Karma B. Brown Ms. Kristy A. N. Bulleit Mr. John J. Bursch Mr. Jeffrey A. Chanay Ms. Jennifer C. Chavez Mr. David William Childs Mr. Douglas M. Conde Mr. John Michael Connolly Mr. William Spencer Consovoy Mr. Christopher Kaltman DeScherer Ms. Amy J. Dona Mr. Parker Douglas Mr. Andrew J. Doyle Mr. P. Clayton Eubanks Mr. Thomas Molnar Fisher Mr. Paul Garrahan Mr. Kevin A. Gaynor Mr. Gaetan E. Gerville-Reache Case: 15-3751 Document: 119-1 Mr. Jonathan A Glogau Ms. Britt C. Grant Mr. Burke W. Griggs Mr. Joel Mitchell Gross Mr. Warren W. Harris Mr. Sam M Hayes Ms. Kimberly S. Hermann Ms. Megan Hinkle Mr. Andrew J. Hirth Mr. M. Reed Hopper Mr. Richard A. Horder Mr. Mohammad O Jazil Mr. Steven Beauregard Jones Mr. Alan L. Joscelyn Mr. James Kaste Ms. Lara Katz Mr. Scott Allen Keller Mr. Duncan Stuart Kemp, IV Mr. Michael B. Kimberly Mr. Scot L. Kline Mr. Justin D. Lavene Mr. Ronald Lavigne Mr. Steven J. Lechner Mr. Elbert Lin Mr. Benjamin S. Lippard Mr. Jon Michael Lipshultz Mr. John R. Lopez IV Ms. Martha Mann Mr. S. Peter Manning Mr. Jeremy C Marwell Ms. Elizabeth P. McCarter Ms. Kerry L. McGrath Mr. Charles David McGuigan Mr. John K. McManus Mr. Eric E. Murphy Enclosure Filed: 10/04/2016 Page: 2 Mr. Joseph Anthony Newberg Ms. Jessica O'Donnell Ms. Margaret I. Olson Mr. Christopher Dominic Peloso Mr. Erik E. Petersen Ms. Lee Ann Rabe Mr. Peter T. Reed Mr. Craig W. Richards Mr. Gregory C. Ridgley Mr. John Quentin Melcher Riegel Ms. Kirsten S. P. Rigney Mr. Lowell Mark Rothschild Mr. James N. Saul Mr. Matthias L. Sayer Mr. Seth Schofield Mr. Paul Martin Seby Ms. Linda B. Secord Ms. Jennifer Anne Simon Ms. Deborah Ann Sivas Mr. Brooks Meredith Smith Mr. James Emory Smith Jr. Ms. Jennifer Ann Sorenson Mr. Wayne K. Stenehjem Ms. Alicia E. Thesing Mr. Misha Tseytlin Mr. Andrew Turner Mr. Lawrence VanDyke Ms. Jennifer L. Verleger Mr. Ryan Walsh Ms. Catherine Wannamaker Mr. Justin T. Wong Ms. Mary Jo Woods Mr. Frederick Richard Yarger Ms. Tamara Zakim

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