Google Incorporated, et al v. Leo Stoller

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Private civil case docketed. Fee due. Docketing Statement due for Appellant Leo D. Stoller by 10/26/2009. Transcript information sheet due by 11/03/2009. Fee or IFP forms due on 11/03/2009 for Appellant Leo D. Stoller. Record on Appeal from Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division due by 11/10/2009. [6169487-2] [09-3569]

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UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE SEVENTH CIRCUIT E v e r e tt M c K in le y D i r k s e n U n i t e d States C o u r t h o u s e R o o m 2722 - 219 S. D e a r b o r n Street C h i c a g o , Illinois 60604 O f f i c e of the C l e r k P h o n e : (312) 435-5850 w w w .c a 7 .u s c o u rts .g o v NOTICE OF CASE OPENING October 20, 2009 GOOGLE INCORPORATED, Plaintiff - Appellee v. No.: 09-3569 C E N T R A L M A N U F A C T U R I N G , INCORPORATED, et al., Defendants A P P E A L OF: LEO STOLLER Originating Case Information: District Court No: 1:07-cv-00385 N o r t h e r n District of Illinois, Eastern Division C l e r k / A g e n c y Rep M i c h a e l W . Dobbins C o u r t Reporter April M e tz l e r D i s tr i c t Judge Virginia M. Kendall C a s e date filed: 10/20/2009 C a s e type: cv/pri F e e status: Due D a t e of Judgment: 10/16/2009 D a t e NOA filed: 10/19/2009 The above-captioned appeal has been docketed in the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. Deadlines: Appeal No. 09-3569 Filer Leo D. Stoller Document Docketing statement due Due Date 10/26/2009 09-3569 Leo D. Stoller Fee Due 11/03/2009 09-3569 Leo D. Stoller Transcript information sheet 11/03/2009 NOTE: This notice is issued to counsel of record, in furtherance of the revised Circuit Rule 3(d), to provide necessary information regarding this appeal. Please verify this notice for accuracy. Counsel are encouraged to provide a fax and/or e-mail address to the court. If any corrections are necessary, please indicate those corrections on this notice and return it to the Clerk's Office within ten (10) days. THIS NOTICE SHALL NOT ACT AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR MOTIONS FOR NON-INVOLVEMENT / SUBSTITUTION OF COUNSEL. COUNSEL ARE STILL REQUIRED TO FILE THE APPROPRIATE MOTIONS. Important Scheduling Notice! Notices of hearing for particular appeals are mailed shortly before the date of oral argument. Criminal appeals are scheduled shortly after the filing of the appellant's main brief; civil appeals after the filing of the appellee's brief. If you foresee that you will be unavailable during a period in which your particular appeal might be scheduled, please write the clerk advising him of the time period and the reason for such unavailability. Session data is located at Once an appeal is formally scheduled for a certain date, it is very difficult to have the setting changed. See Circuit Rule 34(e). form name: c7_Docket_Notice (form ID: 108)

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