Monarch Beverage Co., Inc. v. Dale Grubb, et al


ORDER: The concurring opinion in this case issued June 30, 2017, is amended as follows: The word Monarch s in the final sentence at page 15 should be Indiana s . [6853291-1] [6853291] [15-3440]

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Case: 15-3440 Document: 36 Filed: 07/11/2017 Pages: 1 United States Court of Appeals For  the  Seventh  Circuit   Chicago,  Illinois  60604       July  11,  2017       Before     JOEL  M.  FLAUM,  Circuit  Judge     FRANK  H.  EASTERBROOK,  Circuit  Judge         No.  15-­‐‑3440   DIANE  S.  SYKES,  Circuit  Judge   Appeal  from  the  United  States   District  Court  for  the  Southern   District  of  Indiana,  Indianapolis   Division.   MONARCH  BEVERAGE  CO.,  INC.,     Plaintiff-­‐‑Appellant,       v.   DAVID  COOK,  et  al.,     Defendants-­‐‑Appellees.         No.  1:13-­‐‑cv-­‐‑01674-­‐‑SEB-­‐‑MJD   Sarah  Evans  Barker,  Judge.   Order       The  concurring  opinion  in  this  case  issued  June  30,  2017,  is  amended  as   follows:       The  word  “Monarch’s”  in  the  final  sentence  at  page  15  should  be  “Indiana’s”.  

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