Selective Insurance Company of v. Target Corporation, et al


ORDER: The opinion of this Court issued on 12/29/2016 is amended as follows: On page 4, at lines 23 and 28, the year 2001 is replaced with 2007, such that the date referenced in both lines is April 2007. On page 7, at line 26, the word eight is replaced with two, such that the sentence reads as follows: One of those future agreements was the Program Agreement executed by Target and Harbor two years after the Supplier Agreement. On page 8, at line 6 of footnote 1, the word eight is re-placed with two, such that the sentence reads as follows: Selective s position ignores the reality that the two con-tracts were executed two years apart and were not one con-tract. [6814165-1] [6814165] [16-1669]

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Case: 16-1669 Document: 43 Filed: 01/25/2017 Pages: 2 In the United States Court of Appeals For the Seventh Circuit ____________________  No. 16‐1669  SELECTIVE INSURANCE COMPANY OF SOUTH CAROLINA,  Plaintiff‐Appellant,  v.  TARGET CORPORATION,  Defendant‐Appellee.  ____________________  Appeal from the United States District Court for the  Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division.  No. 13‐cv‐5910 — Elaine E. Bucklo, District Judge.  ____________________    January 25, 2017  Before  FLAUM  and  KANNE,  Circuit  Judges,  and  MAGNUS‐ STINSON, District Judge.  ORDER  The opinion issued in the above‐entitled case on Decem‐ ber 29, 2016, is hereby amended as follows:                                                     Of the Southern District of Indiana, sitting by designation.   Case: 16-1669 Document: 43 2  Filed: 01/25/2017 Pages: 2 No. 16‐1669  On page 4, at lines 23 and 28, the year “2001”1 is replaced  with  “2007,”  such  that  the  date  referenced  in  both  lines  is  “April 2007.”  On  page  7,  at  line  26,  the  word  “eight”  is  replaced  with  “two,” such that the sentence reads as follows: “One of those  future agreements was the Program Agreement executed by  Target and Harbor two years after the Supplier Agreement.”  On page 8, at line 6 of footnote 1, the word “eight” is re‐ placed  with  “two,”  such  that  the  sentence  reads  as  follows:  “Selective’s position ignores the reality that the two contracts  were executed two years apart and were not one contract.”                                                    1 The erroneous date included in the previously‐issued opinion was taken  from the photocopied first page of the Supplier Agreement, which appears  to reference April 2001. See Appellant’s Supplemental Appendix at A50. 

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