TCF National Bank v. Ben Bernanke, et al


OPINION FILED - THE COURT: DIANA E. MURPHY, MICHAEL J. MELLOY and LAVENSKI R. SMITH. Michael J. Melloy, Authoring Judge (PUBLISHED) [3802630] [11-1805]

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United States Court of Appeals For The Eighth Circuit Thomas F. Eagleton U.S. Courthouse 111 South 10th Street, Room 24.329 St. Louis, Missouri 63102 VOICE (314) 244-2400 FAX (314) 244-2780 Michael E. Gans Clerk of Court June 29, 2011 West Publishing Opinions Clerk 610 Opperman Drive Building D D4-40 Eagan, MN 55123-0000 RE: 11-1805 TCF National Bank v. Ben Bernanke, et al Dear Sirs: A published opinion was filed today in the above case. Counsel who presented argument on behalf of the appellant was Timothy D. Kelly, of Minneapolis, MN. The following attorneys also appeared on the appellant brief; Mark V Meierhenry, of Sioux Falls, SD., Sarah Elisabeth Bushnell, of Minneapolis, MN., William E Blewett, of Sioux Falls, SD., Benjamin R. Civiletti, of Washington, DC., William D. Coston, of Washington, DC. , and Martin L. Saad of Washington, DC. Counsel who presented argument on behalf of the appellee was Lindsey Powell, of Washington, DC. The following attorney also appeared on the appellee brief; Mark B. Stern, of Washington, DC., The following attorneys appeared on amicus curiae briefs on behalf of appellant: Seth P. Waxman, Steven P. Lehotsky, and Wilmer Cutler Pickering, Washington DC; Christopher R. Lipsett, Noah A. Levine, Pamela K. Bookman, New York, NY; Roger W. Damgaard and James A. Power, Sioux Falls, SD; Paul Saltzman and Rob Hunter, New York, NY; H. Rodgin Cohen and Matthew A. Schwartz, New York, NY; Gregory F. Taylor, Washington, DC, Eric L. Richard, Washington, DC, Karen M. Thomson, Washington, DC, Carrie R. Hunt, Arlington, VA, Steven I. Zeisel, Arlington, VA, Rich Whiting, Washington, DC, and Mike Cahill, Los Angeles, CA, for amici curiae Clearing House Association L.L.C., American Bankers Association, Consumer Bankers Association, Credit Union National Association, The Financial Services Roundtable, Independent Community Bankers of America, Mid-Size Bank Coalition of America, and National Association of Federal Credit Unions. Ronald A. Parsons, Jr., Sioux Falls, SD and Todd J. Zywicki, Arlington, VA for Economists and Law and Economics Scholars. Joseph J. Witt, Eden Prairie, MN, for State Bankers Associations. Appellate Case: 11-1805 Page: 1 Date Filed: 06/29/2011 Entry ID: 3802630 The following attorneys appeared on amicus curiae briefs on behalf of appellee: W. Stephen Cannon, Todd Anderson, and Richard O. Levine, Washington, DC, Thomas K. Wilka, Sioux Falls, SD, Jeffrey I. Shinder and A. Owen Glist, New York, NY, for The Retail Litigation Center, Inc. Douglas Kantor and Shannen W. Coffin, Washington, DC, for Merchants Payments Coalition. K. Craig Wildfang and Thomas J. Undlin, Minneapolis, MN, for MDL-1720 Class Plaintiffs. The judge who heard the case in the district court was Honorable Lawrence L. Piersol. The judgment of the district court was entered on April 4, 2011. If you have any questions concerning this case, please call this office. Michael E. Gans Clerk of Court SRD Enclosure(s) cc: Lois Law MO Lawyers Weekly District Court/Agency Case Number(s): 4:10-cv-04149-LLP Appellate Case: 11-1805 Page: 2 Date Filed: 06/29/2011 Entry ID: 3802630

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