USA v. Staffeldt, et al

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FOR PUBLICATION UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Plaintiff-Appellant, v. JEREMY EUGENE STAFFELDT; ORLANDO LEON PASTRANO; LINCOLN CLARENCE METZGAR; JOHN ANTHONY GONZALES, Defendants-Appellees. No. 05-10243 D.C. No. CR-03-01294-ROS District of Arizona, Phoenix ORDER Filed April 22, 2008 Before: Stephen Reinhardt, John T. Noonan, and Michael Daly Hawkins, Circuit Judges. ORDER The Government's unopposed motion to amend the opinion is GRANTED. The opinion published at 451 F.3d 578 (9th Cir. 2006) is amended to delete all mentions of the name "Keith Vercauteren." Accordingly, the phrase "In September 2003, Assistant United States Attorney Keith Vercauteren ("AUSA Vercauteren") . . . " shall be amended to read, "In September 2003, an Assistant United States Attorney ("the AUSA") . . . " All subsequent references to "AUSA Vercauteren" shall be amended to read, "the AUSA." 4215 PRINTED FOR ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE--U.S. COURTS BY THOMSON/WEST--SAN FRANCISCO The summary, which does not constitute a part of the opinion of the court, is copyrighted 2008 Thomson/West.

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