Log Cabin Republicans v. USDC-CAC

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L o g Cabin Republicans v. USDC-CAC Doc. 1 M o lly C . D w y e r C l e r k of C o u r t O f fic e of the Clerk U n ited States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit 9 5 Seventh Street P o st Office Box 193939 S an Francisco, California 94119-3939 Ju ly 24, 2008 (415) 355-8000 N o . 08-73194 L o g Cabin Republicans v. USDC-CAC A petition for writ of mandamus and/or prohibition has been received in the C lerk 's Office of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. The U .S . Court of Appeals docket number shown above has been assigned to this case. Always indicate this docket number when corresponding with this office about y o u r case. If the U.S. Court of Appeals docket fee has not yet been paid, please make im m ed iate arrangements to do so. If you wish to apply for in forma pauperis statu s, you must file a motion for permission to proceed in forma pauperis with this c o u r t. P u rsu an t to Rule 21(b), FRAP, no answer to a petition for writ of mandamus an d /o r prohibition may be filed unless ordered by the Court. If such an order is issu ed , the answer shall be filed by the respondents within the time fixed by the C o u r t. A copy of the docket sheet case title page is attached. Please take special n o te of the case caption, as it may differ from that shown on the papers submitted fo r filing. Pursuant to Circuit Rule 21-2, an application for writ of mandamus an d /o r prohibition shall not bear the name of the district court judge concerned. Rather, the appropriate district court shall be named as respondent. V ery truly yours, M o lly C. Dwyer Clerk of Court ____________________________ B y: Holly Crosby D e p u ty Clerk Dockets.Justia.com

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