Armenia Cudjo, Jr. v. Robert Ayers, Jr.

Filing 82

Filed (ECF) Appellant Armenia Levi Cudjo, Jr. Correspondence: Requesting two additional attorneys be listed for petitioner-appellant, Armenia Cudjo in published opinion. Date of service: 11/05/2012 [8388931] (MRD)

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FEDERAL PUBLIC DEFENDER CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA 321 EAST 2nd STREET LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 90012-4202 213-894-2854 213-894-0081 FAX SEAN K. KENNEDY Federal Public Defender MARK R. DROZDOWSKI Supervising Attorney Capital Habeas Unit Direct Dial: (213) 894-7520 November 5, 2012 Kathy Blesener, Senior Editor West Publishing Co. 610 Opperman Drive P.O. Box 64526 St. Paul, MN 55164-0526 Re: Published Opinion in Cudjo v. Ayers, Ninth Circuit Case No. 08-99028 Dear Ms. Blesener: I write to request that two additional attorneys be listed as counsel for petitioner-appellant Armenia Cudjo in the above-referenced published opinion issued by the Ninth Circuit on September 28, 2012: Katherine Froyen Black and myself. The opinion lists John Lewis Littrell as counsel for Mr. Cudjo. Mr. Littrell argued the appeal and, in my opinion, deserves top billing on our side for his work on the appeal. Ms. Black and I worked on the appellant’s opening brief and reply brief along with Mr. Littrell, and I worked with Mr. Littrell on the supplemental reply brief filed in January 2012, soon before argument. All three of us were listed on the Ninth Circuit docket as counsel for Mr. Cudjo, and all three of us worked on the case in district court. Ms. Black left our office before the oral argument and opinion and was removed from the docket. I was out of the country when the opinion was issued on September 28 and did not notice the omission of Ms. Black and me from the opinion until after I returned to the office on October 10. Today the Ninth Circuit issued an order denying Respondent’s petition for rehearing en banc in the case. Thank you. Sincerely, /S/ Mark R. Drozdowski Mark R. Drozdowski cc: Rhonda Pierce, Ninth Circuit Opinions Clerk

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