MDY Industries, LLC v. Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., et al

Filing 38

Submitted (ECF) Third brief on cross-appeal for review. Submitted by Appellants Michael Donnelly and MDY Industries, LLC in 09-15932, Appellees Michael Donnelly and MDY Industries, LLC in 09-16044. Date of service: 12/11/2009. [7161349] [09-15932, 09-16044]--[COURT UPDATE: Corrected docket text to reflect content of filing, 12/15/2009 by AWM] (LV)

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MDY Industries, LLC v. Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., et al Doc. 38 Att. 1 No. 09-15932 In the UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT MDY INDUSTRIES LLC AND MICHAEL DONNELLY, Plaintiffs-Appellants, v. BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT, INC. AND VIVENDI GAMES, INC., Defendants-Appellees. APPEAL FROM THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, DISTRICT OF ARIZONA CASE NO. 06 CIV. 2555 JUDGE DAVID G. CAMPBELL Appellants' Certificate of Service for (1) their Reply Brief in support of the Opening Brief, (2) their Response Brief to Appellees' Cross Appeal and (3) their Supplemental Excerpts of Record Lance C. Venable Joseph R. Meaney Venable, Campillo, Logan & Meaney, P.C. 1938 East Osborn Rd. Phoenix, Arizona 85016 (602) 631-9100 Attorneys for Plaintiff-Appellant CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I hereby certify that on December 11, 2009, I electronically transmitted this document to the Clerk's Office using the CM/ECF System for filing and transmittal of a Notice of Electronic Filing to the following persons via electronic mail: Name Christian Genetski, Esq. Shane McGee, Esq. Jacob Sommer Marc Zwillinger Scott E. Bain Brian W. Carver George A. Riley Robert H. Rotstein Email Address 2 I hereby certify that on December 11, 2009, I delivered four (4) copies of the supplemental excerpts of record under Circuit Rule 30-1 to the Clerk of the Court by First Class Mail. MDY has also served one (1) copy of the excerpts of record upon counsel for Defendants-Appellees Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. and Vivendi Games, Inc. via First Class Mail at the following address: Name Christian Genetski, Esq. Physical or Email Address Sonnenschein, Nath & Rosenthal, LLP 1301 K Street, N.W. Suite 600, East Tower Washington, DC 20005-3364 Direct: 202.408.6463 Fax: 202.408.6399 s/ Joseph R. Meaney 3

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