UMG Recordings, Inc., et al v. Shelter Capital Partners LLC, et al


FILED ORDER AND OPINION (HARRY PREGERSON, RAYMOND C. FISHER and MARSHA S. BERZON)The opinion filed on December 20, 2011, and appearing at 667 F.3d 1022 (9th Cir. 2011) is withdrawn. Appellant s petition for panel rehearing is GRANTED and the petition for rehearing en banc is DENIED AS MOOT. A superseding opinion will be filed concurrently with this order. The parties may file additional petitions for rehearing or rehearing en banc. (See opinion for full text) The parties shall bear their own costs on appeal. The motions of the Recording Industry Association of America et al., the Electronic Frontier Foundation et al., and eBay Inc. et al., for leave to file amicus curiae briefs are granted, and the briefs are ordered filed. AFFIRMED in part and REMANDED in part. Judge: RCF Authoring, FILED AND ENTERED JUDGMENT. [8550177] [09-55902, 09-56777, 10-55732]

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