Kristin Perry, et al v. Arnold Schwarzenegger, et al

Filing 11

Filed (ECF) notice of appearance of Rosanne C. Baxter for Appellees Paul T. Katami, Kristin M. Perry, Sandra B. Stier and Jeffrey J. Zarrillo. Date of service: 09/22/2010. [7483572] (RCB)

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Kristin Perry, et al v. Arnold Schwarzenegger, et al Doc. 11 Att. 1 CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE Case Name: Appeal of Imperial County re Kristin M. Perry, et al. v. Arnold Schwarzenegger, et al. No. 10-16751 I hereby certify that on September 22, 2010, I electronically filed the foregoing with the Clerk of the Court for the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit by using the appellate CM/ECF system. NOTICE OF APPEARANCE OF COUNSEL or RE-ASSIGNMENT OF COUNSEL WITHIN THE SAME OFFICE I certify that all participants in the case are registered CM/ECF users and that service will be accomplished by the appellate CM/ECF system. Executed on September 22, 2010, at Armonk, New York. /s/ Rosanne C. Baxter Rosanne C. Baxter .

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