Ken Aronson v. Dog Eat Dog Films, Inc.

Filing 2

Received notification from District Court re: payment of docket fee. Amount Paid: USD $455.00 Date paid: 09/14/2010. [7473895] (KM)

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Ken Aronson v. Dog Eat Dog Films, Inc. Doc. 2 UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT United States District Court Western District of Washington at Tacoma September 14, 2010 AMENDED Docket Fee Payment Notification Form I. Short Case Title: KEN ARONSON v. DOG EAT DOG FILMS, INC C10-5293KLS U. S. District Court Docket Number: II. III. Date Notice of Appeal Filed: Date U. S. Court of Appeals Docket Fee Paid: Amount: $455 Receipt: TAC-7843 Was appellant granted In Forma Pauperis status? Was IFP status limited in some fashion? NO If so, explain: 9/14/10 NO IV. Form completed in U. S. District Court by s/ Mary Walsh Deputy Clerk Note: This form is only utilized to notify the U. S. Court of Appeals concerning the satisfaction of the U. S. Court of Appeals docket fee.

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