Arc Music, Inc. v. Wayne Henderson, Sr., et al

Filing 3

Filed Appellant Wayne Henderson, Sr. Mediation Questionnaire. Served on 04/23/2010. [7317170] (BG)

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A r c Music, Inc. v. Wayne Henderson, Sr., et al Doc. 3 Form 6. Civil AppealsDocketingStatement u s c A DocKET # (rF KNOWN) U N I T E D STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT C I V I APPEALS DOCKETING STATEMENT IF PAGES NECESSARY. ADDITIONAL ATTACH PLEASE p 1 g 1 p 1 g 1 ' Central T I T L E IN FULL: Plaintilf, A R C MUSIC, INC., a Californiacorporation, W A Y N E HENDERSON,SR.,an individual,andDOES l - 1 0 , Defendants; W A Y N E HENDERSON,SR.,Counterclaimaint, A R C MUSIC. INC.. et al.. Counterdefendants J U D G E : DaleS. Fischer DSF DISTRICT COURT NUMBER:CV 09-07967 (CWx) D A T ENOTICEOF APPEAL ll) F I L E D : Aprtl'23,'20 I S THISA CROSS-APPEAL? il YES I F THIS MATTERHASBEENBEFORE THIS COURTPRI,VIOUSLY, PLEASE PROVIDE THE DOCKET NUMBER ANDCITATION(IF ANY): B R I E F DESCRIPTIONOF ACTION AND RESULT BELOW: judgment breach contract. publisher, publisher, Defendant, and lordeclaratory and of a musician, songwriter music sued P l a i n t i f la music D e f e n d a n t counterclaimed against PlaintilTand others for copyright infringement, declaratoryjudgment, breach of contract and other claims. P R I N C I P A L ISSUE S PRO P O S E D TO BE RAI S E D O N A P P E A L : and the adjudication in on are, T h e principalissues be raised appeal, withoutlimitation: l) Whether DistrictCourtened in grantingsummary to pursuant Federal Ruleof Civil Procedure Rule56(f), the District claim;and2) Whether, to copyrightinfringement Counterclaimant's dismissing and Ptaintiffsmotionfor summary adiudication motionto dismiss. to C o u r terredin refusine denvor continue E P L E A S EIDENTIFY ANY OTHER LEGAL PROCEEDINGTHAT MAY HAVE A BEARING ON THIS CASE (INCLUDE MOTIONS): P E N D I N G DISTRICT COURT POST-JUDGMENT D O E STHIS APPEAL INVOLVE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING: & Possibilityof settlement il il will controt outcomeof appeal l,it .littood that interveningprecedent Lik.lihood of a motion to exnediteor to stav the appeal.or other Droceduralmatters(snecifv) [ - - . .a."v other information relevant to the inclusion of this case in the Mediation Program i mediation. attomeys haveattempted schedule to P u r s u a nto the DistrictCourtaction,theprincipalparties t il in to Possibilitypartieswould stipulateto binding award by AppellateCommissioner lieu of submission judges. E f f e c t i v e 711/2000 A - l l a (1 0 / 0 0 ) STATEMENT C I V I LAPPEALS DOCKETING P a g e l of2 LOWER COURT INFORJT{ATION JURISDICTION FEDERAL APPELLATE DISTRICT COURTDISPOSITION T Y P E OF JUDGMENT/ ORDER APPEALED il il IX N il N K ffi Itr DEFAULT JUDGMENT / DISMISSAL JURISDICTION DISMISSAL MERITS / SUMMARY JUDGMENT JUDGMENT/ COURTDECISION JUDGMENT/ JURY VERDICT DECLARATORYJUDGMENT JUDGMENTAS A MATTER OF LAW OTHER(SPECTFY): Adiudication Summarv P a g e 2of2 RELIEF DAMAGES: S O U G H T$AWARDEDS INJUNCTIONS: i l PRELIMINARY tr] PERMANENT il GRANTED f f i DENIED 'Ei F E D E R A L QUESTION LJ w F I N A L DECISIONOF D I S T R I C TCOURT DIVERSITY r&I N T E R L O C U T O R Y DECISION A P P E A L A B L EAS OF RIGHT I.J ,fl O T H E R (SPECIFY) il I N T E R L O C U T O R Y B O R D E RCERTIFIED Y D I S T R I C TJUDGE (SPECIFY): il A T T O R N E YFEES: S O U G H T$A W A R D E D $N PENDINC lf COSTS:S [ : OTHER(SPECIFY): C E R T I F I C A T I O N OF COUNSEL I C E R T I F Y THAT: FROMARE ATTACHED. OF I C O P I E S ORDER/ JUDGMENTAPPEALED WITH TELEPHONE AND FAX NUMBERSIS STATEMENT LIST OR REPRESENTATION z A CURRENTSERVICE A T T A C H E D( SEE9rHCIR.RULE 3-2 IN WITH FRAP25. WAS SERVED COMPLIANCE STATEMENT J A COPYOF THIS CIVIL APPEALSDOCKETING A MAY RESULTIN SANCTIONS, THAT FAILURETO COMPLYWITH THESEFILING REQUIREMENTS I UNDERSTAND I N C L U D I N GDISMISSALOF THIS APPEAL. A p r i l zJ, Lv tv Date C O U N S E LWHO COMPLETED THIS FORM N A M E : MichaelB. Ackerman FIRM: Law Officesof MichaelB. Ackerman E E A D D R E S S : 6401La PuntaDrive, Los Angeles, Califomia90068 E - M A I L : E E E T E L E P H O N E (323) : 468-8882 F A X : (323)468-8881 * THIS DOCI.]MENT SHOULD BE FILED IN THE DISTRICT COURT WITH THE NOTICE OF APPEAL* * IF FILED LATE, IT SHOULD BE FILED DIRECTLY WITH THE U.S. COURT OF APPEALS* E f f e c t i v e71112000 A-lla(10/00) C I V I L APPEALSDOCKETINGSTATEMENT P a g el of2

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