Celedonia Yue v. Conseco Life Insurance Company

Filing 9

Filed (ECF) notice of appearance of Harvey, Kurzweil for Appellant Conseco Life Insurance Company. Date of service: 07/25/2011. [7831630] --[COURT UPDATE: Filing spread to case number 11-55359. Resent NDA. 07/25/2011 by DB] (HK)

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Office of the Clerk UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT P.O. Box 193939 San Francisco, California 94119-3939 Molly C. Dwyer (415) 355-8000 Clerk of Court NOTICE OF APPEARANCE OF COUNSEL or RE-ASSIGNMENT OF COUNSEL WITHIN THE SAME OFFICE NOTE: To secure your input, you should print the filled-in form to PDF (File > Print > PDF Printer/Creator). 9th Circuit Case Number(s) 11-55275 Case Name: v. Celedonia X. Yue, M.D. Conseco Life Insurance Company The Clerk will enter my Conseco Life Insurance Company appearance as counsel on behalf of: Appellant Petitioner Amicus Curiae Appellant/Cross-Appellee Appellee Respondent Intervenor Appellee/Cross-Appellant Check if you are lead counsel. Lead counsel must be designated if a party is represented by more than one attorney or law firm. Re-Assignment. (Optional) This case has been re-assigned to me from another attorney in my office (for ex., the Federal Public Defenders Office, OIL, or a law firm). Enter name of counsel you are replacing below. I am replacing (name of counsel): Signature (use "s/" format) s/ Harvey Kurzweil Name Harvey Kurzweil Address Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP 1301 Avenue of the Americas City New York Date July 25, 2011 State Phone Number (including area code) (212) 259-8000 NY Zip Code 10019

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