Joseph Kennedy v. Bremerton School District


FILED OPINION (DOROTHY W. NELSON, MILAN D. SMITH, JR. and MORGAN B. CHRISTEN) We AFFIRM the district court s order denying Kennedy s motion for a preliminary injunction. Appellant shall bear costs on appeal. Fed. R. App. P. 39(a)(2). Opinion by Judge Milan D. Smith, Jr.; Concurrence by Judge Milan D. Smith, Jr. FILED AND ENTERED JUDGMENT. [10554588]

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Why Football Matters, By John Harbaugh Case: 16-35801, 08/23/2017, ID: 10554588, DktEntry: 64-2, Page 1 of 5 Search Ravens SEARCH TOPICS Ravens at Dolphins Training Camp Kickoff Concert 9/8/17 5 PM EDT NEWS Home > VIDEO News > PHOTOS LIFESTYLE GAMEDAY TEAM FLOCK JOIN THE CONVERSATION Login | Join Why Football Matters, By John Harbaugh NEWS Like 38K Tweet PLEASE NOTE The opinions, analysis and/or speculation expressed on ict Distr l WHY FOOTBALL MATTERS, BY JOHNon Schoo 1, 2017 ert st 2 HARBAUGH Brem n Augu Posted Apr 22, 2015 y v. o nned rchived e By John Harbaugh in K ,a cited 6-35801 1 No. represent those of individual authors, and unless quoted or clearly labeled as such, do not represent the opinions or policies of the Baltimore Ravens' organization, front office staff, coaches and executives. Authors' views are formulated independently from any inside knowledge and/or conversations with Ravens officials, including the coaches and scouts, unless otherwise noted. Football is under attack, but the game and the values it instills in young men are critical to our society. RELATED NEWS Anquan Boldin Decides to Retire Posted 14 hours ago The game of football is under attack.[8/21/2017 8:19:45 AM] Why Football Matters, By John Harbaugh Case: 16-35801, 08/23/2017, ID: 10554588, DktEntry: 64-2, Page 2 of 5 We see it every day in the headlines and on the news. The medical concerns are pressing. The game has taken its share of criticism. President Barack Obama said that if he had boys he wouldn’t let them play football. Even LeBron James has publicly said no football in his house. The question is asked over and over: Why would anyone want to play football? And why would anyone let their kids play? News and Notes 8/20: Danny Woodhead Misses Second-Straight Practice Posted 22 hours ago Here’s my answer: I believe there’s practically no other place where a young man is held to a higher standard. More Proof That Justin Tucker Is a Madman: He Wanted Football is hard. It’s tough. It demands discipline. It teaches obedience. It builds character. a 72-Yard Attempt Posted 23 hours ago Football is a metaphor for life. This game asks a young man to push himself further than he ever thought he could go. It literally challenges his physical courage. It shows him what it means to sacrifice. It teaches him the importance of doing his job well. We learn to put others first, to be part of something bigger than ourselves. And we learn to lift our teammates – and ourselves – up together. News and Notes 8/19: Jeremy Zuttah Returns, Marlon Humphrey Misses Practice Posted Aug 19, 2017 Undrafted Rookie Patrick Ricard Is Playing Both Ways: These are rare lessons nowadays. Posted ct 18, 2017 i Aug Distr l 17 choo on S st 21, 20 In 1905, there were 19 player deaths and at least 137 serious injuries. Many rt these of megoing to gu occurred at the high school and college levels. Major colleges said Bre v. they wereon Audrop y football because the game had become too violent. ned ived en K arch in , That’s when President Teddy Roosevelt d in to call a cite stepped-35801 meeting with coaches and athletic 6 advisers from Harvard, Princeton and Yale. 1 wanted to find a way to make the game safer. No. He Defensive End and Fullback Football has faced challenges like this before. Page 1 / 1678 They made significant changes, introducing new rules like the forward pass and the wide receiver position. Those changes turned football more into the game we know it as today. We made progress. Rules changed. Society evolved. The game advanced. We’re at another turning point in our sport. The concussion issue is real and we have to face it. We have to continue to get players in better helmets. We have to teach tackling the right way, and that starts at the NFL level. Change the rules. Take certain things out of the game. It’s all the right thing to do. But even with all of that, the importance of football hasn’t changed. In some ways, it’s more important than ever. And I believe the most critical place for football is at the youth and high school levels. For 97 percent of football players, the pinnacle of their careers is the high school game. Few players ever go on to the college level. Even less make it to the pros. For a lot of these kids, it’s not until it’s all said and done, and they look back on it several years later, that they realize the difference the sport made in their lives. They are proud of playing the game. Have you ever met anybody who accomplished playing four years of high school football, and at the end of that run said, ‘Man, I wish I wouldn’t have played’? It doesn’t get said. We know that football players aren’t perfect. Nobody is. But millions of former players, one by[8/21/2017 8:19:45 AM] << < 1 2 3 4 5 > >> MORE NEWS Why Football Matters, By John Harbaugh Case: 16-35801, 08/23/2017, ID: 10554588, DktEntry: 64-2, Page 3 of 5 ict Distr ol They know the value of football is the values in football. Scho 1, 2017 rton 2 em such a ug role r– playe Avital ust That’s why high school football – and particularly high school coaches B y v. on in our society. Our football coaches are on the front lines of the battle for the hearts and minds RECENT VIDEOS nned rchived eon and wea it every day. These young of the young men in our society. The culture n K war is see i , c ed 6-35801 men are more vulnerable than ever. it 1 No. one, can recount the life-altering principles they learned from football. How many youth and high school coaches serve as a father figure to their players? How many mothers look to the coaches of their son’s football team as the last best hope to show their son what it means to become a man – a real man? More than we’ll ever know. Coaches teach our young people the lessons of life that very often they learn from no one else. Coaches have the kind of influence in our schools, and with our young people, that is difficult to come by. Billy Graham once said, “One coach will influence more people in one year than the average person will do in a lifetime.” My dad also says all the time that it just takes one person to believe in a young man or young woman to change their lives. I couldn’t agree more. John Harbaugh Not Impressed by 80 Percent Eclipse (00:00:52) Posted 15 hours ago John Harbaugh Glad to Have Todd Heap at Practice Our culture teaches us to judge an activity by how it’s going to make us feel right now. But football doesn’t work that way. The game challenges and pushes us. It’s often uncomfortable. It requires us to be at our best. (00:06:21) Posted 22 hours ago Isn’t that what we want in our society? Mike Wallace Says Joe Flacco's Recovery Is 'Top Football is a great sport. Football teams can be, and very often are, the catalyst for good in our schools and our communities. Millions of young men have learned lessons in football that they could only learn through playing this game. Football has saved lives. Secret' (00:00:45) Posted 22 hours ago That is why football matters. RELATED TAGS[8/21/2017 8:19:45 AM] Brandon Williams Explains His Hulk Why Football Matters, By John Harbaugh Case: 16-35801, 08/23/2017, ID: 10554588, DktEntry: 64-2, Page 4 of 5 Outfit (00:04:20) Posted 22 hours ago John Harbaugh Greater Game Why Footballl Matters Page 1 / 2860 You May Like << < 1 2 3 4 5 > Promoted Links by Taboola Each State Hilariously Depicted By One Stereotypical Photo Eisenberg: Here's Why Another Ravens Signing Could Be in the Works IFLMyLife >> MORE VIDEOS Bride Left Speechless By Husband's Unexpected Surprise On Wedding Day Bollywood Celebs News RECENT PHOTOS Ravens Backup Quarterback Josh Woodrum Has One Heck of a Story ict Distr ol Scho 1, 2017 rton 2 reme August B y v.Late ed on Tiger Woods' Yacht ned n Is Far rchivFor Work 8/8: Four Ke From You'd Expect ed in 35801, a Undrafted Ravens Rookies LoanPride cit Awfully Hard to Cut 16No. Best Instagram Photos of the Week 8/19 Preseason Week 2: Ravens at Dolphins Page 1 / 751 << < 1 2 3 4 5 > >> MORE PHOTOS Home News Lifestyle Gameday Team Flock Shop Contact Us Employment Copyright © 2017 Baltimore Ravens. 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