Disney Enterprises, Inc., et al v. VidAngel, Inc.

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Filed Appellees Disney Enterprises, Inc., Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and Warner Brothers Entertainment, Inc. motion to file the unredacted answering brief and Volume 3 of the supplemental excerpts of record UNDER SEAL. Deficiencies: None. Served on 02/08/2017. (Court-entered filing of motion submitted under seal at [53]) [10327437] (WL) [Entered: 02/21/2017 03:29 PM]

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UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEAL FOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT DISNEY ENTERPRISES, INC., LUCASFILM LTD. LLC, TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX FILM CORPORATION, AND WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT INC., Plaintiffs-Appellees, No. 16-56843 MOTION TO FILE ANSWERING BRIEF AND SUPPLEMENTAL EXCERPTS OF RECORD VOLUME 3 UNDER SEAL v. VIDANGEL, INC., Defendant-Appellant. Pursuant to Interim Circuit Rule 27-13(e), Plaintiffs-Appellees Disney Enterprises, Inc., Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (“Plaintiffs-Appellees”) hereby move to seal portions of the contemporaneously filed Appellees’ Answer Brief (“Brief”) and Supplemental Excerpts of Record. Pursuant to Interim Circuit Rule 27-13(c), Plaintiffs-Appellees submit the portions of the Supplemental Excerpts of Record proposed to be filed under seal as a separate volume that contains only those unredacted documents proposed to be filed under seal. The redacted versions of both the Brief and the Supplemental Excerpts of Record will simultaneously be filed publicly. The text of the Brief and documents included in the Supplemental Excerpts of Record Volume 3 are district court docket entries, all of which contain references to business information that VidAngel has certified would cause it irreparable harm if disclosed publicly. The relevant documents and information were ordered sealed by the district court. Pages 1225-42, 1270-89 and 1464-1518 of the Supplemental Excerpts of Record Volume 3, which Plaintiffs-Appellees filed in support of their Opposition To VidAngel, Inc.’s Emergency Motion Under Circuit Rule 27-3 For A Stay Pending Appeal, were previously ordered sealed by this Court (Dkt. 41). Plaintiffs-Appellees take no position on whether the materials that are the subject of this request merit filing under seal. Plaintiffs-Appellees make this request based on VidAngel’s designations of the documents and information under the protective order and this Court’s and the district court’s prior orders. Plaintiffs-Appellees therefore respectfully request that the unredacted Brief and documents filed within the Supplemental Excerpts of Record Volume 3 be filed under seal. Dated: February 8, 2017 Respectfully submitted, s/ Donald B. Verrilli, Jr. Donald B. Verrilli, Jr. donald.verrilli@mto.com MUNGER, TOLLES & OLSON LLP 1155 F Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20004 Telephone: (202) 220-1100 Facsimile: (202) 220-2300 2 UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE SEALED DOCUMENTS INTERIM CIRCUIT RULE 27-13 Case Number: 16-56843 Case Title: Disney Enterprises, Inc., et al. v. VidAngel, Inc. Note: Documents to be filed under seal are to be submitted electronically. As the parties will not have online access to those documents once they are submitted, the CM/ ECF electronic notice of filing will not act to cause service of those documents under FRAP 25(c)(2) and Ninth Circuit Rule 25-5(f). Interim Circuit Rule 27-13(c) therefore requires an alternative method of serving the motion or notice to seal and the materials to be sealed. I certify that I have provided a paper copy of the document(s) listed below to all other parties via personal service, mail, or third-party commercial carrier on the date noted below. See FRAP 25(c)(1)(A) – (C). I certify that, having obtained prior consent, I have provided a copy of the document(s) listed below to all other parties via electronic mail. See FRAP 25(c)(1)(D); Interim Circuit Rule 27-13(c). DESCRIPTION OF DOCUMENTS: Motion to File Answering Brief and Supplemental Excerpts of Record Volume 3 Under Seal Appellees' Answering Brief Under Seal Supplemental Excerpts of Record Volume 3 Under Seal Signature: s/ Donald B. Verrilli, Jr. (use "s/" format with typed name) Date: February 8, 2017 SERVICE LIST Brendan S. Maher brendan.maher@strismaher.com Daniel L. Geyser daniel.geyser@strismaher.com Douglas D. Geyser douglas.geyser@strismaher.com STRIS & MAHER LLP 6688 N. Central Expressway, Suite 1650 Dallas, TX 75206 Tel: (214) 396-6630 Fax: (210) 978-5430 David W. Quinto dquinto@vidangel.com VIDANGEL, INC. 3007 Franklin Canyon Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210 Tel: (213) 604-1777 Fax: (213) 604-1777 Shaun P. Martin smartin@sandiego.edu UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO SCHOOL OF LAW 5998 Alcala Park San Diego, CA 92110 Tel: (619) 260-2347 Fax: (619) 260-7933 Peter K. 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