Stinson v. Tyus et al

Filing 66

ORDER ADOPTING 60 REPORT AND RECOMMENDATIONS re: MOTION for Summary Judgment. Signed by Senior Judge Charles R. Butler, Jr on 12/15/2014. copy mailed. (sdb)

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IN  THE  UNITED  STATES  DISTRICT  COURT  FOR  THE   SOUTHERN  DISTRICT  OF  ALABAMA   SOUTHERN  DIVISION         REGINALD  STINSON,   )     AIS  #  B1204652,   )       )     Plaintiff,   )   CIVIL  ACTION  NO.     )   12-­‐00270-­‐CB-­‐B   v.   )       )   KENNETH  TYUS,  et  al.,   )     )   Defendants,   )      ORDER       The  Magistrate  Judge  has  entered  a  Report  and  Recommendation   recommending  that  summary  judgment  be  granted  in  favor  of  the  Defendants  on   Plaintiff’s  Federal  law  claims  and  that  Plaintiff’s  state  law  claims  be  dismissed   without  prejudice  on  jurisdictional  grounds.    (Doc.  60.)    Having  carefully  reviewed   the  Report  and  Recommendation  and  Plaintiff’s  objection  thereto  (Doc.  64)  under   the  standards  set  forth  in  28  U.S.C.  §  636(b)  the  Court  hereby  OVERRULES  Plaintiff’s   substantive  objections1  and  ADOPTS  the  Report  and  Recommendation  as  its  own.     DONE  and  ORDERED  this  the  15th  day  of  December,  2014.                           s/Charles  R.  Butler,  Jr.                 Senior  United  States  District  Judge                                                                                                                   1  In  his  objection,  Plaintiff  points  to  some  minor  factual  errors  in  the  Report   and  Recommendation.    On  page  10,  the  statement  “Officer  Tyus  went  to  Housing   Unit  B.  .  .”  should  read  “Officer  Capps  went  to  Housing  Unit  B…”    On  page  11,  the   time  of  the  medical  assessment  should  be  “2:10  p.m.”  not  “2:10  a.m.”    Also  on  page   11,  Plaintiff  objects  to  the  statement  that  he  “was  escorted  from  the  dorm  to  the   hospital  holding  cell  by  Officer  Tyus.”    According  to  Plaintiff’s  objection,  Defendant   Johnson  escorted  him  to  the  holding  cell.    In  his  response  to  summary  judgment,   Defendant  lists  a  number  of  officer  who  escorted  him  to  the  holding  cell,  including   Tyus,  “Sgt.  Johnson”,  and  CO1  Johnson,  among  others.    (Pl.’s  Rsp.  2,  Doc.  52.)    

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