Pittman v. Strange et al

Filing 43

JUDGMENT in favor of Defendants John Richardson, Luther Strange against William Henry Pittman. Signed by Senior Judge Charles R. Butler, Jr on 9/22/2014. copies to parties. (sdb)

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IN  THE  UNITED  STATES  DISTRICT  COURT  FOR  THE   SOUTHERN  DISTRICT  OF  ALABAMA   SOUTHERN  DIVISION     WILLIAM  HENRY  PITTMAN,     Plaintiff,     v.     LUTHER  STRANGE,  in  his   official  capacity  as  Attorney   General  of  the  State  of   Alabama,  and  JOHN   RICHARDSON,  in  his  official   capacity  as  Acting  Director   of  the  Alabama  Department   of  Public  Safety,     Defendants.   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )           CIVIL  ACTION  NO.        12-­‐00667-­‐CB-­‐M        FINAL  JUDGMENT     Pursuant  to  separate  order  entered  this  date  granting  Defendants’  motion  for     summary  judgment  or,  in  the  alternative,  judgment  on  the  pleadings,  it  is  hereby   ORDERED,  ADJUDGED,  and  DECREED  that  judgment  be  entered  in  favor  of  the   Defendants,  Luther  Strange,  in  his  official  capacity  as  Attorney  General  of  the  Sate  of   Alabama,  and  John  Richardson,  in  his  official  capacity  as  Acting  Director  of  the   Alabama  Department  of  Public  Safety,  and  that  the  Plaintiff,  William  Henry  Pittman,   recover  nothing.     DONE  this  the  22nd  day  of  September,  2014.                           s/Charles  R.  Butler,  Jr.       Senior  United  States  District  Judge  

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