United States of America v. Hall et al

Filing 12

DEFAULT JUDGMENT in favor of United States of America against Brenda R. Hall, Brian L. Hall as further set out. Signed by Judge Kristi K. DuBose on 12/30/2013. copy mailed to Brian L. Hall and Brenda R. Hall. (sdb)

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IN  THE  UNITED  STATES  DISTRICT  COURT   FOR  THE  SOUTHERN  DISTRICT  OF  ALABAMA   SOUTHERN  DIVISION       UNITED  STATES  OF  AMERICA,         Plaintiff,       v.         BRIAN  L.  HALL  and     BRENDA  R.  HALL,         Defendants.     )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   CIVIL  ACTION  NO.  13-­‐326-­‐KD-­‐N   JUDGMENT       In  accordance  with  the  Order  entered  contemporaneously  herewith,  granting  the   United  States’  motion  for  default  judgment,  it  is  ORDERED,  ADJUDGED  and  DECREED  that     Default  Judgment  is  entered  against  Defendants  Brian  L.  Hall  and  Brenda  R.  Hall;  and  it  is   further  ORDERED,  ADJUDGED  and  DECREED:       that  plaintiff  United  States  of  America,  shall  have  and  recover  judgment   against  Defendant  Brian  L.  Hall  in  the  amount  of  $7,659,664.91,  as  of   September  30,  2013  and  plus  statutory  interest  accruing  after  that  date   pursuant  to  26  U.S.C.  §§  6321  &  6322  until  the  judgment  is  paid,  for  unpaid   trust  fund  recovery  penalties  assessed  against  him  as  a  responsible  officer   for  (i)  Express  Payroll  PEO,  Inc.,  (for  periods  ending  March  31,  1999  through   December  31,  1999);  (ii)  Saguaro  Services,  Inc.,  (for  periods  ending  March   31,  2001,  June  30,  2001,  and  June  30,  2002  through  December  31,  2002);  (iii)   Trico  Services,  Inc.,  (for  period  ending  September  30,  2003);  and  Matchtech,   Inc.,  (for  periods  ending  December  31,  2008,  March  31,  2009,  June  30,  2009   and  June  30,  2010);  and       that  plaintiff,  United  States  of  America,  shall  have  and  recover  judgment   against  Defendant  Brian  L.  Hall  in  the  amount  of  $11,567.25,  as  of  September   30,  2013  and  plus  statutory  additions  and  interest  accruing  after  that  date   pursuant  to  26  U.S.C.  §§  6321  &  6322  until  the  judgment  is  paid,  for  his   personal  federal  income  tax  liabilities  for  years  2004,  2006,  2007  and  2009;   and   that  plaintiff,  United  States  of  America,  shall  have  and  recover  judgment   against  Defendant  Brenda  R.  Hall  in  the  amount  of  $416,917.93,  as  of   September  30,  2013  and  plus  statutory  interest  accruing  after  that  date   pursuant  to  26  U.S.C.  §§  6321  &  6322  until  the  judgment  is  paid,  for  unpaid   trust  fund  recovery  penalties  assessed  against  her  as  a  responsible  officer  for   Matchtech,  Inc.,  for  the  periods  ending  December  31,  2008,  March  31,  2009,   June  30,  2009  and  June  30,  2010.           Done  and  ordered  the  30th  day  of  December  2013.                                                 s/  Kristi  K.  DuBose           KRISTI  K.  DuBOSE         UNITED  STATES  DISTRICT  JUDGE     2  

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