Reaser v. Mobile County Metro Jail

Filing 9

ORDER ADOPTING 6 REPORT AND RECOMMENDATIONS re 1 Complaint filed by Terrance Reaser. TERMINATING 7 Motion for Settlement out of Court filed by Terrance Reaser.. Signed by Senior Judge Charles R. Butler, Jr on 6/2/2014. (adk)

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IN  THE  UNITED  STATES  DISTRICT  COURT  FOR  THE   SOUTHERN  DISTRICT  OF  ALABAMA   SOUTHERN  DIVISION     TERRANCE  REASER,     Plaintiff,     v.     MOBILE  COUNTY  JAIL,  et   al.,     Defendants.         )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )           CIVIL  ACTION  NO.     14-­‐00117-­‐CB-­‐C     ORDER   The  Magistrate  Judge  has  entered  a  Report  and  Recommendation  (Doc.  6)   recommending  that  this  action  be  dismissed  without  prejudice  for  failure  to   prosecute  and  failure  to  obey  the  Court’s  order.    After  the  Plaintiff  filed  an   incomplete  motion  to  proceed  in  forma  pauperis  (IFP),  the  Magistrate  Judge  entered   an  order  denying  the  IFP  motion.    The  order  also  granted  leave  to  refile  the  IFP   motion  with  a  completed  Financial  Certificate  and  a  copy  of  the  institutional  record   attached.    The  order  also  explained  that  Plaintiff  could,  alternatively,  pay  the  $350   filing  fee.    Finally,  Plaintiff  was  warned  that  failure  to  comply  with  one  of  these  two   alternatives  by  April  17,  2014  would  result  in  the  dismissal  of  this  action.    Plaintiff   did  not  comply  with  the  Magistrate  Judge’s  order.    He  neither  refiled  his  IFP  motion   as  required  nor  paid  the  $350.00  filing  fee.    He  has  not  filed  an  objection  to  the   Report  and  Recommendation.    Instead,  he  has  submitted  a  statement  that  he  wishes   to  settle  his  case  (Doc.  7)  and  a  separate  statement  setting  forth  his  settlement   demands-­‐-­‐$2,999  and  “a  car.  .  .  a  1971  Charger  or  Gto  [sic]  in  good  shape.”    (Doc.  8.)       Plaintiff’s  settlement  demands  do  not  qualify  as  an  objection  to  the  Report   and  Recommendation  of  the  Magistrate  Judge  which  is  hereby  ADOPTED  as  the   opinion  of  his  Court  pursuant  to  28  U.S.C.  §  636(b)(1).     DONE  and  ORDERED  this  the  2nd  day  of  June,  2014.                               s/Charles  R.  Butler,  Jr.       Senior  United  States  District  Judge                     2  

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