Witherspoon v. Deloach et al

Filing 21

ORDER ADOPTING R&R. Signed by Senior Judge Charles R. Butler, Jr on 2/19/2013. (adk)

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IN  THE  UNITED  STATES  DISTRICT  COURT  FOR  THE   SOUTHERN  DISTRICT  OF  ALABAMA   SOUTHERN  DIVISION     JONATHAN  C.   WITHERSPOON,     Petitioner,     v.     JAMES  H.  DELOACH  and   STATE  OF  ALABAMA   ATTORNEY  GENERAL,     Respondents.       )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )           CIVIL  ACTION  NO.    07-­‐00266-­‐CB-­‐M              ORDER     Upon  receipt  of  correspondence  from  the  Petitioner,  the  Court  has  reviewed   this  habeas  action  and  discovered  that  even  though  final  judgment  was  entered  on   October  2,  2007,  the  Court  failed  to  enter  an  order  formally  adopting  the  Magistrate   Judge’s  Report  and  Recommendation.    On  August  30,  2007,  the  Magistrate  Judge   entered  a  Report  and  Recommendation  recommending  that  this  habeas  petition  be   dismissed  because  Petitioner’s  claims  either  lacked  merit  or  were  procedurally   defaulted.    A  copy  of  this  order,  along  with  instructions  for  filing  objections,  was   mailed  to  the  Petitioner  at  the  address  on  file.    After  the  time  for  filing  an  objection   had  run  and  no  objection  was  filed,  the  Court  conducted  a  de  novo  review  of  the  file   and  entered  a  final  judgment  dismissing  the  habeas  petition.    However,  the  Court   inadvertently  failed  to  enter  an  order  formally  adopting  the  Magistrate  Judge’s   Report  and  Recommendation.         Although  the  adoption  of  the  Magistrate  Judge’s  Report  and   Recommendation  is  implicit  in  the  entry  of  final  judgment,  as  a  matter  of     clarification,  the  Court  hereby  ORDERS  that  motion  Report  and  Recommendation   entered  August  30,  2007  be  and  hereby  is  ADOPTED  as  the  opinion  of  this  Court.     DONE  this  the  19th  day  of  February,  2013,  nunc  pro  tunc  the  2nd  day  of   October,  2007.                               s/Charles  R.  Butler,  Jr.       Senior  United  States  District  Judge  

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